Saturday, 28 October 2006

Holiday? What holiday?

1st day of holidays yesterday? Yea! And how did I celebrate this wonderful glorious occasion?

I went to school.

For Npcc.

Haha, no la, it wasn't that bad. Cause Chee Sheng told me I didn't have to bring full u last night.

Campcraft competition this Saturday. One week to train? =/ Try pitching a tent and flagstaff in under 11minutes.

Everything's clashing together?

And campcraft training is this Monday, which is also the date for Cinema 4d and Maths remedial.

And I might have to miss all three Np trainings cause they are all on Fridays just like C4d?
Can forget about 2nd Class badge this nrc then...

Campcraft training was really fun though. Probably cause you don't have to stand still like when doing drills? It's like the complete opposite. No moving in squad, but must do something in campcraft. Eye-power.

Planned to go eat lunch with Hao Xiang. But then we met the girls along the way and went to eat with them instead.

On the way we saw two ladies quarrelling? One was going:"You Prostitute!" Then the other:"How dare you call me a prostitute! I'm going to slap you!". We just watched without doing anything. =S

Hao Xiang is a Goong Freak!!! EEE He even has Goong as his wallpaper on his mobile phone? Complete with Goong soundtrack and Goong pictures?!?! Eeeyer. But I sent the images to my phone cause I can use it to bribe my sis pass it to my sister who would want it. =)

Sat around at the food court talking for a loong time.

Reached home at around 3.30.

Dinner with Clarissa and Sister. Planned to go Popular to buy a cd. But J8's Popular has no cd rama? Grrr. GRRR.

Worship was just an electric guitar and backup singers. It's a nice change from the usual band setup?

Message was on Salvation in three tenses? Super long though. But it does drive the point home that Salvation is past, present and future. Haha, bet u guys don't know what I'm talking about.

No cell because of A lvls. Everyone was asking if the person I was talking on the phone with was my girlfriend? Eee Alvin's not my girlfriend

Sister's cell ended at 11? haha, this time Bishan park was super forbidding. Full of weird sounds. Like frogs croaking, and the sudden rush of water? And we walked the long way. Haha...drank coffee on the way to the bus stop. Took the last bus home? I didn't know the last bus was 11.38...why so early??

O yes, Chuan hui sounds like Kenny.

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