Wednesday, 18 October 2006


I had to force myself to use the computer today.

5cans of coffee still won't help, maybe I should try black roast something with more caffine. No, I'm not addicted anymore, just trying to stay awake.

Went to Temasek poly yesterday, celebrated birthday after that, couldn't enter arcade, took bus to hougang, went for a haircut, took 136 home. - Best summary ever.

Today was worse, woke up late, rushed to school, almost slept during Chinese cause the video was super boring. Ehs, my class position was 18? But I kinda forgot if I improved or deproved, I think I was 17th last semester? =S

Npcc was torture, at first. Only 4 of us for sec2. =/ Practiced slow marching, then we got scolded. I think I'm physically unfit now, almost felt like fainting during the training, probably cause I haven't exercised in a long time, unless u count soccer.
Campcraft training was quite ok though, not that many scoldings, and we learned how to make a flagstaff and the weird principles of design in a tent. Like, this weird thing about a circle and a line is all i can remember.

Went home, turned on the computer, signed in msn, smsed Ryan to ask him to re-email the thing. Then I realised he was online. Moral of the story:Always check if your friend is online before smsing.

Rushing through work now, doing and editing article with Keane, and making a movie with Alvin.

Blarh, I think I need a break.

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