Sunday, 8 October 2006

8th October 2006

Yea! Went out to buy a portable hard drive. It's like...super expensive lar, $123 for 40gb? Ah wells, looks like I cant get an acoustic.. =/ Saw this fender electric guitar for $1099? WAH I WANT TO BUY!! But u can't exactly convince your parents to pay $1099 for a loud heavy object which requires another $600+ for an amplifier and accessories?

Bleh, went home, lazed around installing programs onto the new hardrive.

Then went out again to celebrate Mid Autum Festival? But due to the haze we went to Vivo City instead. Haha, the place is huge, just 2 storeys, but very huge, explored only like half? Went home at around 9.30....

Ehs, was trying to do art, but then after looking for pictures of chilli, and seeing all the mouth watering images, I decided to find a snack to eat instead. Yar, I'm a major procastinator. XD

Very helpful for those doing chili:

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