Sunday, 15 October 2006

15th October 2006

Went for Church today. Sermon was on slowing down? Ironic. Maybe I should have rejected some of the things I agreed to. Blarh.

Fellowship meeting after that. Pizza was nice. Esp cause there were sweet pineapples on top. But we discussed alot on upcoming events. Gah, can't help at breakfast corner unless I wake up at 6am on Sunday, can't go for most of the events cause of Cinema 4d course. And there's still regular npcc trainings every friday?

Greatest bit of news: Guitar practise might be changed to Saturdays at 4. Meaning we can practise for around 3hours without any fear of npcc. =)
Worst bit of news: Blarh...nvm.

Took 136 home again after that. Saw Keane at Serangoon? Weird, 136 seems to be connected to almost every aspect of my life, since it passes by Church, old home, school, i get lots of weird stares when I'm going home on a friday though, cause I seem to be the only teenager out so late, in school uniform.

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