Wednesday, 11 October 2006

11th October 2006

Woke up for media club meeting today. Woke up like any other school day and walked to school slowly.

Interesting, introduced to a whole bunch of people at the meeting? Although I think I forgot some of their names. =/ Ah wells, have to write an article on media club talks? Must find people to interview. Blarh, I signed up for the 24hours newspaper competition? All sec3s except me!!! And I forgot to ask Miss Chew about the Cinema 4d. =

Ended at 9...didn't want to go home cause I'd fall asleep and crash before I could do anything, so I chased Sandy around asking her to pei me for 3 hours. Blarh, she never lar, went home and sleep. Hmph. Long story short, brought 500ml iced lemon tea and went to Chee Hock's house.

Erhs, Chee hock's house arh? Haha, he was super freaked out by a ghost video I found.
Lazy to embed, but nvm. It's a nice show really. Don't watch if your afraid easily though. Go scare yourself.

Left his house around 12.15 to go meet the rest. Watched Stay Alive with Chee Hock, Alvin, Woei Jiun, Kun Zi, Chuan Hui, Daniel, Chee Sheng, and Nigel.

Personally, I found the movie really really funny. Cause there was this guy next to me who was super scared lar. Then he was shivering during all the "scary" parts, ok yar, nvm. The movie wasn't all scary in my opinion, just full of those BOO! scenes that shock you for....2seconds? Now to go watch the unrated version.
"in the unrated, we actually see his jaws ripped apart, and a wave of blood hit the windshield"
The actual game showcased in the movie looks interesting, looks like house of the dead. =)

Woei Jiun was super scared because her seat was vibrating? Haha. She's Real!!

Went to play arcade with them after the movie. I was wearing school uniform so Chee Sheng lent me his shirt. =S But still, 6player Daytona Ultimate is fun nonetheless. Almost got first if not for Daniel boosting for the last part lar. haha, interestingly, I used to play Daytona USA on my com. Still have the Cd somewhere...Chuan Hui was dam pro in racing la, she won like, all of us? Woa...I bet she plays everyday, haha.

Walked home in the rain after that. It's much better to forget about things for awhile. But still, everything comes crashing back down in the end...

I'm sounding emotional. =S

Music Helps?

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