Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Second Last Day Of School.

Bleh, second last day of short pants. Haha.

Lessons were just sitting around talking with classmates? Fire drill was...kinda late. Cause it's already the second last day of school so not much point unless a fire happens tomorrow? Because next year there'll be new sec1s which won't know anything about fire drills, and we'll all be in different classes?

Dawn and Charmaine told me to go to the hall cause I topped the level for English? But then no counsellor came to our class and told me to go? I went to the hall to double check anyways. Wayne said it was a Zeng Minghui from 2 Humility. There's a Zeng Minghui from 2Humility? 0.O

Blarhs, received an sms asking me to go to school tomorrow at 7. But didn't Keane tie with me? =S

Yar, I skipped npcc today. Completely forgot about the last graduation section. Which means I'm working now as I'm blogging. (See? I can multitask =P)

Blehs, I don't think I can complete everything in time.

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