Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Happy Birthday To Me.

It seems like such a long time since my last birthday. Haha, I think I even forgot what my birthday present last year was. O wait, now I remember, it was a new n-gage. =)

So I'm officially one year closer to dying.

But hey, I've learned a lot of stuff since last year right? Like how to play the guitar, new drills, more geeky stuff, my perspective on things have changed. Last year I'd probably be running around shouting and playing. This year I don't run as much. =)

Eeks, I feel like a different person!! AAAA!!

But weird enough, whenever I see a video of a band performing, I'd look to see what chords the guitarist is using, pick or no pick...whenever I read a Straits Times article, I'd look at the byline..whenever I see National Day parades, I'd look at what commands they give...

One year is more than enough for someone to change? I feel weird.

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