Wednesday, 4 October 2006

4th October 2006


I thought I did quite ok for English, set aside the last half hour to do summary. But, I finished summary in 15minutes with exactly 120words. =(

Literature was worse. The only part which I didn't study for Macbeth, came out. Blehs. BLEHS! I didn't think I wrote enough for the last question though. Sort of rushed through it. =S
Question 3B:Following closely to lines 10-20, describe Macbeth's character.
I almost wrote:He is a lyrical and poetical person, using King James English to describe his feelings and long winded answers.

Blehs, stayed back after school for a while. Then Yun Kai, Kenny and Chee Sheng thought it was fun to throw my wallet around. Angry? Nah, but it did get on my nerves a bit. =/ No longer irritated now though.

I think I should patent my new invention. Pineapple Flavoured Coffee! Yea, it's still in theory, although I'd glady be the first one to try it out. YEA! But I'm no longer addicted to coffee, went for 2 days straight without coffee so far.

Yar, Thanks to Lenson for helping me find and download the songs!!So much better than googleane Yea, now I'm no longer hunting for songs through millions of blog pages on the net. WEEE Thanks for also agreeing to lend me cinema4d so I can try it out before the course.

Guess who?
It's not me larr...

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