Monday, 2 October 2006

2nd October 2006

End of year examinations started today.

lalala. O wait...


Eh, did the money thing for English. I had this feeling it would come out cause Jemaine pointed out that Miss Chew said that money was something close to us and that the topic would be on something close to us.

Hahas, but I think I did terribly for the rebuttal paragraph. I ended up saying something like:"It's not money that attracts greed and jealousy, but power from money that attracts greed and jealousy." I think it doesn't explain anything at all, and I ended off that paragraph without a referrence to the thesis statement.

But still, I wrote 510 words......letter was around 250? =S

Geography was even worse. Cause my hands were tired from writing that essay(twice. one draft.) and I didn't feel like answering any of the questions.
Question:Why does Singapore need to reclaim land? [4]
Answer:Due to a growing population, Singapore needs to reclaim land to meet the growing demands of an increasing population. Land is also slowly lost through land erosion.

Land Erosion?!?!I can't believe I wrote that for a 4 mark question. I knew I should have studied land reclaimation more... =/

But then again, there were some questions I could distinctively recognise after surfing so many weird websites.
Like this one. See? It says Penang Bridge. So I could answer the question on what links Penang island to Malaysia easily.

Erhs, study time?

O btw, Singapore Dreaming Won. (Link.)
But I haven't seen it yet. =\

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