Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pulau Ubin.

Went cycling at Pulau Ubin with Dion, Russell, Yun Theng and Crystal some time back. Hahaha. I think I've been there countless times already, from Youth Camp last year to High Ropes Challenge to OBS to all the Adventure Training Camps and Unit Hikes there.

Since I took about 430 pictures that day, I decided to split things up and post the pictures we took of ourselves first.

Met up with Crystal and Yt first because Dion and Russell were late. Tsk. Hahaha.

Crystal with Yun Theng's Holga. Medium Format lehhh.

Dion and Russell came, and Dion only bought a tripod without his D80. =O When questioned, his answer was so that we could take group pictures, which we did. Haha I think I probably couldn't leave my house to any random place like Pulau Ubin without my camera with me though. =S

Yun Theng learning the ways of the cat.

Dion had a weird hairstyle cause the boat ride was windy. The boat ride costs $2 by the way. And it's a 24 hour service as long as there's 12 people willing to travel.

Went to rent our bikes. Crystal didn't know how to cycle so she rode tandem with Dion.

Crystal riding tandem with Dion. The dog at the left is like meh. Hahaha.

About 5 minutes of cycling, and we stopped to take pictures. Hahaha.

Group Photo made possible by Dion's tripod. Cause I didn't bring mine. =D Taken in front of Pekan Quarry which was nearest to the jetty.

Resumed cycling around. We went to almost every part of the island taking group photos everywhere. Except the Chek Jawa parts cause it was raining earlier and the trail would probably be muddy and dangerous.

Russell pretending to be lost.

Group Photo at Mamam Beach.

No idea what we were doing.

Dion skipping stones across the water.

Group Photo again! Hahahaha.

At one point I realised I lost my wireless remote and cycled back to our previous group photo location to look for it. Haha I found it lying on the grass. =D

Had a drink at one of the shops near the jetty, then we went cycling again.

This Group Photo was taken at a place which unfortunately had a high concentration of mosquitoes than the acceptable Pulau Ubin amount. Hahaha. About 3 or 4 biting away at any one time. =/

Pretending we had a campfire.

Should have used a better picture of fire, but the fire was from a picture I took of an actual campfire from a school camp last year. Hahaha.

Wild Boar! =O Was cycling past and I intitially thought it was a dog at first. Haha didn't manage to take a nicer shot though cause the wild boar ran off. =(

Mirrors are awesome.

Cycled up to the mountain bike range, and took a Group Photo there.

Russell and Dion were trying to see who could hit the gray floating ball with pebbles and stones first.

The rocks were very slippery.

Went back to the Jetty, returned our bikes, and left as the Sun was setting. Had dinner at Subway, then went home. =)

Rest of the group photos that we took on Facebook.

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