Friday, 18 September 2009

Fiesta Oneness 2009.

Games and picnic at Labrador Park on the 10th August. =D Was half asleep since I was outside at 11pm taking pictures with Ryan the day before, but other than that it was okay.

I think it's like my first time taking pictures of an event where no one bothers you hahaha. Like usually for school events everyone looks pointedly away from the photographer (except for the narcissistic), or when you're out taking pictures in public you can't really take portraits of random strangers (unless you have guts), but this time no one looked away from the camera during the games and picnic. Hahaha. Or maybe I just didn't notice or forgot about those people. But anyways it was quite fun. =)

This is Tiger, Mark and Aaron's dog. =) Snowie was there too.

The games played were quite interesting. Like guessing the number of MRT stops from Aljunied to Serangoon.

Tiger is a Maltese too! Like Snowie. =D

Trying to convince Snowie to make friends. Hahaha.

Someone else's dog.

Lots more pictures at Facebook.
On a side note, I'm getting pretty tired of editing photos non-stop everyday. Hahaha. So far I've gone through about a thousand pictures now with another thousand pictures to go.

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