Thursday, 24 September 2009

Skies and Dogs.

Okay shall post pictures of the rest of the stuff I took at Pulau Ubin besides ourselves. Haha.

Taken whilst on the boat ride there. Not very nice though. =( But never mind it has an areoplane and a large ship in one shot. Hahaha.

Small to Big.

There are alot of dogs in Pulau Ubin. But they aren't aggressive, more like the lazing around kind of dog, like Snowie. =)

We cycled past this house that had about 6 or 7 dogs lying around outside.

This puppy had a wound on it's side. =( It was running around disturbing the others dogs anyways. Hahaha.

It rained in the Morning, so I did not pour water on the leaves just to take a nice picture okay hahaha.

High Dynamic Range Panorama. Inspired by Ryan's picture hahaha.
Click image to see a larger view. =)

Long tongue.

The sky that day was really cloudy and grey. But it wasn't your usual Singapore cloudy and grey where it's just one patch. It was more like a, complicated kind of cloudy and grey.

Awesome. =)

Especially towards the later part of the day, where the clouds changed every 20 minutes or so. =D

Sun Rays are awesome.

All of the other sky pictures are HDR-ed. Except for this one. Because I think the Sunset was pretty boring. Haha. All the clouds suddenly disappeared towards 7pm. =/

Rock Pool. Didn't see any creatures swimming around inside though. I saw starfish in a rock pool at Pasir Ris beach once. =D

Abandoned Bicycle.

The End.

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