Thursday, 10 September 2009

Three Dimensional Art Fundamentals.

About two months back I had a module on 3D Art Fundamentals, which sort of teaches you about the different types of 3d art from clay sculptures to kinetic mobiles. I learnt how to make paper too although I don't see how paper is 3dimensional.

Anyways, we had to document our 'learning process' and 'development' through the use of pictures and journal entries. Which means I have lots of random portraits of my classmates which I shall post here. =)

Russel Deon and Me. For some reason the three of us wore black long sleeved shirts and jeans that day. Triplets. =D

Awesome lighting.

Ben trimming his eyelashes.

Nathalia hugging her sculpture. We all had to do a 1 metre sculpture based on a material or artist of our choice.


Crystal being Crystal. =P

Our failed attempt at trying to draw with lightsticks. Hahaha.

Playing with balls.

Ken the monster slayer. The monster thing is my sculpture by the way. Hahaha. I created a sea monster eating a building.

Rawr. =D

Russel amputating my leg. =O

Jump Shot.

Gigantic Utensils.

Eunice's Swing. Hahaha. Dangerous to sit on.

=D I didn't make the swords laaa.

Haha looking at all these pictures you'd probably think we had the time of our lives. But it was pretty much one of the most stressful experiences for me la. Especially the last week where I didn't really sleep much. In fact, I didn't sleep on Tuesday at all. =/ Was busy doing a book for another module entitled Simon the Sea Monster. =D

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