Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Flashing and Jamming.

Okay I forgot to blog about this but I played for worship on YP Sunday on the 2nd August. Haha. The youth band was playing the songs whilst the kids in front were dancing. Hahaha. Kind of reminds me of last year's YP Sunday where we did a dance item and played one song too. Haha this year we've promoted to just playing songs and no longer need to dance yay.

The songs were kind of O.o when we first listened to them since the kids were dancing to Sunday School kind of songs. Haha but after a month or two of listening you don't really mind anymore. Quite interesting to play some of the songs by Hillsongs Kids too, although the techno ones are like =/

YP Sunday Team. I remember Guan You was dancing with me last year too! Hahaha.

We had worship meeting on National Day after service, then surprised Amelia with a birthday cake.

Had pizza for lunch, then we had a jamming session where I went around taking pictures with Melanie as my assistant. The definition of assistant in this case being someone holding my flashgun and arguing with me about where to aim the flash. =D

This is me.

And this is Melanie.

Took random emo-ey pictures of people playing. It wasn't really that dark though, just my aperture being small and my flash being powerful. =D

Look at Meng Ren's insanely long fingers. Unbelievable. =O

Yup that's about it. Was supposed to go take fireworks with Ryan in the evening, which is the reason why I brought my camera and tripod to Church anyways, but we ended up meeting in Punggol to take pictures again. Hahaha.

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