Friday, 18 September 2009

Horticulture Park.


Okay as part of one of my final assignments we had to design postcards based on a green theme to sell during this GardenTech garden fair thing at Hort Park from the 14th to 18th. We only sold the postcards on the 14th though.

I was kind of lazy and used photographs/text, but in the end we didn't really sell a lot of postcards la. They were giving away free potted plants to every visitor at the other end. =( I didn't get a free potted plant though, would look weird carrying it home.

Anyways, was part of the decoration team so went to TP early and met Russell, Ben and Lydia there. Then took the school bus to Hort Park, and waited around for our lecturer to come.

Outside the toilet.

Pixelated Ikea sign.

Russell modelling with Laura's bag.

Failed jump shot. Haha. Only Russell succeeded in defying gravity.

My course manager suddenly came and helped tie the string up hahaha.

Curry puffs! Mirror was at the Apparel Design booth next to us selling clothes.

Photobombers. Hahaha.

I think I have wayy too many pictures of Russell.

Yu Hao's clay sculpture from 3D art fund was selling at $40+? =O

Went walking around with Crystal with the intention of finding other classmates but they didn't know where they were so we went walking around by ourselves.

Lots of flowers.

Was waiting for this dragonfly to fly off for about 15minutes in the Sun. When it finally did, I didn't take a picture of it. =(


Awesome shoes.


Rest of the pictures that day on Facebook here.
Left at around noon to meet Koon Tat at Vivo City. We went to catch Up in 3D. Hahaha. I think 3D is just a waste of money, but the glasses are coool.

Yes we took pictures before the Movie started. Hahaha. Didn't use flash for obvious reasons. =D

Cinema was quite empty hahaha. But the images are all kind of reddish cause of the red curtains in the cinema.

Anyways Up was awesome. Hahaha. Much better than a lot of other movies lately.

We walked around Vivo, then went to Bishan for some reason. I forgot the reason though. =S Went for cell group after that, and celebrated Timothy Yap's birthday!

This is such a super long post. Hahaha.

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