Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Punggol Sunrise.

Was supposed to meet Hao Xiang on Saturday night for supper, but we were both pretty tired and decided to meet at 6am to catch the Sunrise and eat breakfast instead. Hahaha. Sort of deviating from the usual routine of meeting at Midnight and eating supper at either of the two kopitiams near my house.

So we dragged ourselves out of bed on a Sunday morning, and went to take pictures. =D Went to the newly created car park opposite and took pictures of the construction opposite.

I'm getting bored of taking pictures of cranes. =/

Wanted to go to Punggol End but by then the sky was already quite bright, so we went walking around to the empty fields around Punggol. There was mist all around the fields.

Morning mist. O.O

Went walking towards the mist, hahaha like some horror show or Stephen King novel.

The mist was pretty awesome, from afar. The moment you walk into it condensation occurs everywhere on your camera at once. From the filter to the buttons to the LCD screen to the viewfinder. =S
And there's this weird smell which isn't very pleasant. The smell is something like what your shirt smells like after NPCC training, or OBS. Hahaha. Hao Xiang and I both agreed that it's like the end of NCO camp smell. Yeech.

I think taking pictures of birds on lampposts is getting boring too. =S


Finally saw the Sun after some time. But it wasn't very nice. Haha. Totally not worth waking up at 5am for.

Hao Xiang channeling light energy from his hand.

When I was taking the above picture, I felt some crawling feeling on my leg. Look down, I realised my leg was crawling with about 30 black ants. =O They all started to bite at about the same time. =( Took me 5 minutes of jumping about and going crazy with Hao Xiang watching me before I managed to get them off. (Hao Xiang got bitten by 2 ants after that =P) Hahaha. Super traumatic, I think I'm afraid of ants now. I guess it was probably my fault since I had unknowingly stepped on the ant's nest, but who constructs a nest in the middle of the pavement anyways? =(

I think the giraffe has poor job satisfaction. =D

Had breakfast, then walked back home, changed and went to Church. =)

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