Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lorong Buangkok.

Went with Ryan and his two friends Dion and Lun Tat to go take pictures at Lorong Buangkok a few weeks back. For the uninitiated, Lorong Buangkok is the last surviving kampong in Singapore. Although I think it has become one of the happening places to go take pictures in Singapore. But we've never been there before la. Lots of links to people's experiences and photos taken when visiting the area on Google.

On the way to the MRT to meet them, I walked past this pack of stray dogs lazing around on the field. Haha. I was probably about 2 metres from the closest one when it started barking away at me. Was thinking I should have brought along my camera and taken a picture when I realised I did bring along my camera. So I took a picture. =)

Didn't really take a nice picture though. Cause I was late haha. =/

Anyways we took a bus down to the place, which is somewhat close to Buangkok Green Medical Park. Okay where else would Lorong Buangkok be located. Walked for about 2 bus stops, then suddenly we were in a kampong.

Obviously, we followed the sign. Hahaha.

Cat drinking water.

Same cat hahaha.

Dion and LunTat, both using Nikon. =P

Doesn't this look like a centipede? Hahaha.

Blue house.

It looks like a mushroom...But it's a nail. Dun dun dunnn.

Oh yes I saw this golden housefly. But before the rest of them could take a picture of it, it was chased away by someone's sudden movement. Sighs. Blame the compound eyes.

It's a golden housefly. =O

At some point after taking photographs of the place and ending up where we started, we had to decide whether to go back the way we came or to walk through some dirt path leading into a forested area with not even a vauge idea of where we would end up.

Of course we ended up choosing the dirt path thing, cause it wasn't time for lunch yet.

This weird pentagon-shaped ring was hanging from some tree high up swaying in the wind. Freaky. Although I'll admit that I had to Google what a 5 sided object was called.

Ryan pretending he's lost in uncharted territory. Needs Photoshop.
There. =)

Doesn't this look like some monster? Needs Photoshop too. But now I'm lazy so use your imagination. =D

I've never thought about it up till now, but what would cause a concrete pavement to crack?

Mosquito bites were, naturally, part of the overall wholesome experience of venturing into dirt paths and forested areas and uncharted territory. As Ryan so aptly demonstrates hahaha.

Ended up at a canal which probably leads all the way back to Sengkang.

Spot the dog. =D

Ended up at the place we started, eventually, then we decided to take a bus to Jalan Kayu which was about 3 bus stops away. Had lunch there, then took the LRT back to Sengkang and decided where to go next.

For some reason, we started talking about Red House which is in Pasir Ris, but none of us knew how to get there, so we went to Sengkang Community Library to find out. Hahaha. For those that don't know, Red House is a purportedly haunted place in Singapore. Lots of really scary stories on the internet about the building if you want to scare yourself silly. Anyways, took a bus to Downtown East from Sengkang and walked there.

Areoplane! Dust on my sensor is irritating.

This is Red House.

We didn't go in la, because the place was surrounded with barbed wire and boarded up fences and padlocked gates and barbed wire on the gates. And signs that said Private Property No Trespassing.

One of the lions 'guarding' the house.

Wasn't really scary though. Maybe because it was 4.30pm in the Afternoon, or that there was a construction site next to the place which was making all constructive noises you get at a construction site. =D

So we walked back to Downtown East.


Dion's 85mm f1.8. =O

Slacked around at Burger King for a while, then went back home.

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