Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sengkang Again.

Sunsets and Bridges.

According to my camera I was taking photos on the 13th July. I guess you probably can't remember what you did on the 13th July, which means I probably have a better long term memory cause I remember where I went and what I did. Okay I probably cheated somewhere when I reviewed the photos I took. Hah.

Went back to the same place Ryan and I went the previous time, although it was a slightly different area. I think Ryan and I have the habit of going back to the same place twice. Revisiting the scene of the crime. *shifty eyes*

This time we walked to the place from my house and took pictures along the way. Hahaha I think I've been to the place countless times already, since the swimming pool and gym is nearby, but I've never really been to the place with my camera since bringing a Dslr to a swimming pool would probably raise a few stares. Haha.


This cloud looks like a heart shape.


Ryan taking pictures of grass.

The irony of finding a bottle of orange juice stuck in a tree.

An F-16 was flying past and doing amazing barrel rolls and immelmanns. Okay it was a model plane.

This time we managed to catch the Sunset. =)

Ryan's larger than the Sun!! =O


Weird plastic bag things were hanging from this supposed shelter. Supposed because it doesn't really shelter you from much.

Sky was pretty awesome. Purple and orange and yellow and red. Sunsets are usually awesome around that area, but most of the time I don't have my camera with me cause I went swimming. Hahaha.

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