Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dust and Lalang.

Went to Punggol End to catch the Sunrise with Ryan on Saturday Morning. Was super tired because throughout the week I went swimming on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with 30 continuous laps freestyle each time. So I swam about 100 laps in that week alone and ran 4km. Haha. Cell Group on Friday, and Ryan stayed over at my house. We didn't sleep at all cause we were way too busy watching stupid videos on youtube.

This time we were smart and wore long pants and shoes to prevent any loss of blood from parasitic insects. Although I still got bitten about 8 or 9 times around both ankles cause my socks weren't high enough. =(

Left my house at 5.30am feeling half dead, then we decided to walk to Punggol End cause we thought the first bus there wouldn't be so early. 3 buses zoomed past us as we were walking though. =S

Ryan walking.

I think the road there is really creepy at night. Hahaha. One day I'm going to go there when it's raining heavily in the middle of the night and take pictures. =)

We went to the beach and took pictures, but it was way to dark, and the Sun was rising from behind us hahaha.

The rocks were very slippery. =/

Decided to walk around the area, which is completely devoid of any fishermen compared to the last time I was there at 2am because the entire area's become a construction site for some F&B outlets. =(
We walked through the construction site anyways.

Fields Of Lalang.

Pipes again. Punggol and Sengkang is like the place to go if you ever need pictures of pipes hahaha.

This weird incident happened when we were walking.
I fell asleep and started dreaming and talking to myself in the dream. Something about designing postcards for school. -.-
Then I woke up and asked Ryan if I just said all that aloud. Hahahaha.
Ryan was like: "Yaa la I don't know what you were saying man."

Crazy. The only other time I've actually fallen asleep when walking was during a Class Chalet where I stayed awake for 2 days cycling and swimming and playing. =/ I can fall asleep when standing if I'm tired enough quite easily though, especially on the bus. Hahaha.

Spot the Dog.

Saw lots of weird makeshift shelters.

At some point we finally saw the Sun. Hahaha wasn't as nice as other Sunrises in Punggol, although I don't really see Sunrises in Punggol cause I'm busy sleeping.

We ended up in the middle of some construction site. Hahaha. And walked out from there. There were countless trucks driving to and fro the site.

The amount of dust on the road was crazy.

Even the plants were caked with dust. =/

Ryan in Africa. =D

We finally reached Civilization at around 8.30am. So we walked for about 3 hours. =S Took an LRT to Punggol, then a train to Sengkang and had breakfast at KFC. =)

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