Friday, 18 September 2009

Minghui with Coloured Hair.

My hairdresser says I should style my hair. Haven't really tried it yet though.

In the words of Koon Tat, Minghui no longer has virgin hair! Hahaha. Went to cut and colour my hair last Wednesday. And this time it's really short, although still longer than back in Secondary School. Haha. Was kind of light-headed after cutting cause the weight difference is =O

You're all probably wondering why I decided to cut and colour, haha. I think there's no particular reason. Just trying since I'm going to be botak in 3 years time. Colouring your hair is quite a weird experience hahaha.

I don't recommend standing so near those strobes. Very hot even at 3/4 power.

Photos of me were all shot by Ryan at a photography studio we went last Thursday. Haha. We were supposed to help his friend shoot pictures for her portfolio as a makeup artist, but I think we ending up shooting more pictures of ourselves. Hilarity ensues. Hahaha.

Okay that's all I'm going to post for now. =P

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