Thursday, 17 September 2009

Multiple Exposures.

Squiggly lines.

Met Ryan below my house on National Day and we went shooting random pictures. Okay we probably should have gone to the floating platform and taken fireworks but never mind.

Messed around with this setting on my camera that says multiple exposure. For the uninitiated, a multiple exposure is like taking a picture on top of another. Haha like double exposure I guess, but my camera can do triple exposures. =D

For some reason, this picture reminds me of:
Hahaha. A background in Pokemon games is a must to get the joke though.

After a while we got bored of jumping around and tried light painting instead.

Patrick Star in a box of Panadol. This was an exposure of 227 seconds since the basketball court we were at was almost pitch black.

2nd Attempt. Haha. This time with a flash light as a light source.

My water bottle which I think I got during this year's Sec 1 Camp. I think I was having a flu that night which would explain the water bottle and Panadol. =S

Ryan's A700 with his Diana F+ plastic lens. Painted with light for 2.5 seconds. If you look at the lens you can see the path my flashlight took. =)

30 Second Exposure. Haha Ryan can lie still for such a long time without moving man. lazy =P

Ryan caught the last 136 home at around 11.30pm, then I went home to sleep. =)

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