Sunday, 6 April 2008

High Ropes Challenge.

Woke up bright and early at 6am for High Ropes Challenge. Haha. It's sort of like the last 'field trip' as an NPCC cadet, so it's kind of nostalgic/sad in that sense. I remember the first trip we went to was the K9 dog unit in Sec 1. =D

Went to school, ate a Milo Energy Bar for breakfast, then boarded the bus to Pulau Ubin.

Almost all the Sec 4 squad went. Although so many people have quit and a lot of them couldn't make it so there were only 12 people. Compared to Sec 1 when there was 40+? =\

Haha, had about 20 minutes 'free time' before the boat left, so we went to Changi village hawker center for a while. Ate roti prata for breakfast with Joshua, and played with Eugene's 4 times 4 cube which is so unlubricated.

Took the boat to Pulau Ubin, then instead of walking for about 30 minutes to Camp Resilience, we got to take vans there. =)

Started with Pamper Pole first. It's like the same as the Sec 2 camp's one la. Where you have to climb up the pole then jump to catch this bar. And I've never tried it before cause it was raining during my Sec 2 camp and we didn't do it in OBS. But I tried it and caught the bar okay. =P

And I don't have any fear of heights for some reason. Like, if you put me on some thin piece of string 30 levels high with no safety line then I'll be scared la. But if there's a belay device supporting or something beneath my feet then I don't mind at all. =) Actually I don't know what I fear you know? Haha. =X That's scary cause if one day I meet something that I realised I'm afraid of all along I'll be super scared.

Then we were asked to go wait for the Double Flying Fox. It's the only double flying fox in the World, double as in two zip lines side by side. And it's the tallest in Singapore. =D Tallest in the World is somewhere in New Zealand though.

Anyways, had to wait for a long time cause lots of other schools were waiting too. Supposed to pair up and I paired with Chee Sheng, but the school before us was odd numbered and I ended up doing the flying fox with this guy from Gan Eng Seng Secondary. Haha. Was quite fun. Very shiok at the beginning cause you get that free falling feeling, but then it's no longer as fun, only windy towards the end.

Then was lunch time. Like all the lunches are the same for all trips because it's the same caterer. Same as SANA course, Civil Defence, etc.

Then we waited for a long time again for our turn. In the end we went to do the Dangle Duo. It's the ladder thing la. Like all the poles stacked vertically and you have to try and climb them with a friend.

Climbed with Eugene. We would have gotten to the top if there was time la. But it was tiring though. Dunno how the sec 2s did it at their camp. Maybe their poles was spaced closer together?

Then was asked by an instructor to go up and do the Advance Ropes Challenge Course. I did the West loop of the thing. And it is super hard la. Like, doing pull ups and balancing at the same time. Haha but I didn't give up okay. I couldn't give up actually. Cause we were using self-belay devices. So can't lower ourselves down as and when we like.

Rest of the guys went for tunneling which I feel was more fun than the ARC. =(

Returned our harnesses and helmets after that. Then wasted time taking photos with my squad. Haha. Took vans back to the jetty. Then took boat back to the mainland. Took bus back to school.

Went for dinner at Macdonald's with Joshua, Chee Sheng, Wei Kit and Hao Xiang.

That ends the last field trip as an NPCC cadet. Mixed feelings I guess. But we've come this far already. =)

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