Monday, 14 September 2009

National Day Parade Preview.

Went to Marina Barrage on the 1st August to take pictures of the National Day Parade Preview, which is like, you know, a preview of the National Day Parade. =) Met with Ryan and Hao Xiang first at Hougang, and when we boarded the train I realised I forgot to bring my tripod. So I went back to get it. =(

Met with Ryan's Church friends at Macdonald's Dhoby Ghaut, then went down to Marina Barrage.

When we reached there, we saw Spiderman!

Took lots of random pictures whilst waiting for the fireworks.

Ryan's default position when taking pictures. =P

Shot this through Ryan's 70-200mm lens and camera. Hahaha.

Helicopter flew past towards the platform.

Spiderman again. =D

After a while the National Flag flew past too.

Off Camera Flash. =D


Hao Xiang taking a picture. Actually I was blocking him because I was taking a picture of him taking a picture. =D

The fireworks at 8.30pm were all obstructed by the construction of the Integrated Resort.


Soo we went back home at around 9.30. Hahaha.

Magically glowing Ice Mountain. =)

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