Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Supernova's Light.

Okay my Church Youth Camp was from 16th to 19th December. Haha. Was quite fun and I didn't really feel tired, even though my week before that was rather tiring and I had steamboat buffet the night before. =D

Yay my name tag hahaha.

My group was PEAS!
Debra, Coleman, Wei Ting, Ming Hui, Darren, Jacob, Aaron and the Timothys.

Cedric's slipper has a hole at the side cause a rat ate it! Hahaha I'm being random.

There were lots and lots of cats at the chalet, especially during the barbecue when they were all attracted to the delicious smells in the air heh.

Never mind I still love Snowie! Hahaha. On day 2 we went to Pulau Ubin for a photo scavenger hunt cycling trip! =D Was quite crazy cycling around with a backpack containing my camera and 20 sandwiches. Was afraid my camera would start to smell like ham and cheese with bread but thankfully the zip lock bags holding the sandwiches didn't erupt or anything. =) They ended up quite squashed though. Haha.


Cookie Monster! Om nom nom nom nom.

Bottle tree! I didn't come up with this lame notion okay, it was one of the clues for the scavenger hunt.

Another spider! Saw lots of lots of spiders la, haha.

Bus stop by the sea. This place was super windy and cooling. Haha. =D

Now I know where Mr Koh got his theme for our Prom Night from! XD

Di Di Bao.

Spider again! Haha okay I don't have anymore spider pictures already.

Went back to our chalets, then went to the beach for a while.

Aaron trying to eat the shack.

Sea-something thing! I have no idea what it is. Haha.

Crab! We tried looking for a live one but couldn't find. =(

Had barbecue at night. Yay. On the third day was games.

Me getting arrowed by everyone hahaha.

Camera battery died somewhere around this point and I didn't bring a charger. =( But at least there were like 700 pictures. =D

Finale night was awesome too. My group is the best okay. Rock on! Although the song we wrote was quite emo hahaha.

Oh and we went for supper at Changi Village at midnight! Haha. Err... Then walked back through the boardwalk thing. Stayed up for the entire last night playing stupid games like Polar Bear where me and Ming Ren kept getting killed first regardless, and this finger game which is really hard to play cause you need to concentrate alot and it was 3+ in the Morning. And Dai Di which Joe Yong won. Hmph.

Okay! Didn't really post the rest of the photos cause I'll put them on Facebook or something. =)
Anyways, camp was a great experience la, got to meet a number of new people and got to know old people too. Oh and I realised that people think I look like a 21 year old! O.O Time to go buy Absolut and Barcardi! Hahaha.

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