Sunday, 11 January 2009

PSL Camp 2008.

Went to take pictures of the Peer Support Leader Camp in school on Boxing day, which is also Eugene the Lao Da's Birthday! Hahaha. =D

Went to school with Ryan and Stephen on Friday first. Lenson couldn't make it for some reason. Lugged my laptop along also for Cell group at night too.

It's pretty much the same kind of thing as last year, although I think taking photos is more tiring mentally. It's quite simple and easy at first, but after taking 200+ pictures you begin to feel very tired of handling the camera and looking for nice compositions and angles already. =S But at least we can entertain ourselves, haha.


Yi Hong posing at every opportunity. -.-

Okay went around taking pictures, then left sometime in the Afternoon. Bought a cake for Eugene and Nina at Hougang Mall, then went to Dhoby Ghaut and waited for Elaine Ang for a super long time. -.- Then we walked to Cathay and 'surprised' them hahaha.

Don't have a nice looking picture of Eugene on that day, so shall just kop from somewhere else!


Haha Hao Xiang, Joshua, Woei Jiun, Elaine, Li Jing and Wei Ting were there too. Then they went to catch a movie but I didn't go cause I had cell group. Had an early dinner at Subway with Hao Xiang, Eugene and Joshua first before the movie, then I took a train to Bishan.

Cell group was okay, had a guest speaker named Sui and his message was okay too. Didn't have cell group but did stupid things instead. Hahaha. Like playing the drums and beatboxing at the same time. =O

Reached home rather late at night, then woke up early in the Morning to go to school again. =S
Red Alert 4. /inside joke.

Wildlife Photographers.

The Flying Cow.

This picture wasn't easy to take leh. Had to go prone and aim haha.

Like that. I dunno what's Lenson doing behind me. =)

*When in the middle of a Maths Lesson*

Mr Goh and Mr Koh.

Went up to the school's rooftop to catch the Sunset. Although it wasn't very nice. =(

My Shadow 1 block away.


Rather lazy to do a HDR so I'll just post a 'normal' Sunset picture.


Took pictures during the Campfire too.


Took 136 back home at around 11pm, then met Hao Xiang and went to play Basketball. O.o We stopped at around 12.30am though, cause someone shouted down at us from the 5th or 6th floor. Then we jogged around the court instead. =D

Was half dead by the time I reached home at around 2am. Hahaha. =S

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