Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Loop Of Fortune.

Went down to the National Museum of Singapore to catch the Night Festival this year on a Saturday night. I thought last year's Night Festival was much better though. Not just because it lasted a fortnight instead of two days, but also because the highlight was much more interesting. Haha. Then again I guess it's hard to compete with a flying ship and a guy playing a piano swinging back and forth la.

Before that, I went with my family to catch Monsters Vs Aliens. Hahaha. In 3D. On the way there, the sky was awesome.

Looks like a painting.

Movie was awesome too. Haha. Ended at around 8pm and since it was raining outside, we decided to go eat at Billy Bombers.

Ordered the Cheese Fondue and the Chocolate one.

Haha at this point I'm probably supposed to blog something about whether it's worth your money or not. But I can't really remember what it tasted like. I think the chocolate is nicer than the cheese, though you should try the cheese one just for the novelty of it.
Then again, buying both allows you to eat waffles with cheese, which I faintly remember trying.

Stayed at Billy Bombers till about 10, then we went to the Museum. It was still drizzling so they postponed the event by half an hour. The place was filled with lots of people with umbrellas and raincoats. So we went to Singapore Management University opposite and found somewhere nice and dry to sit. Hahaha. Unfortunately lots of people had the same brainwave as us, so the place was crowded too.

I don't get why people put their lens hood on the other way when taking pictures.

Flash photography was amazingly, allowed. Hahaha. Or maybe it wasn't and no one told me. =)

Next to us was this table. With lots of people standing on it to get a better view.

He's staring at me. =/

Unfortunately the table looked like it was about to turn into a bunch of splinters and firewood.

Haha someone came along and told them the table was about to break. And of course, everyone rushed to get off.
Firewood scenario avoided.

The actual event, the Loop of Fortune, was okay. We were kind of far away to hear the narration or see the entire set. So I can't tell you what the Loop of Fortune is about, other than it has a bunch of people spinning around and around.

There was a lamppost from where we were sitting so I didn't really take anything awesome.
They should remove all lampposts prior to an art performance.

Almost everyone in the audience had a camera aimed at the thing. So I decided not to take anymore pictures of the loop with a lamppost stuck in the middle. Took pictures of people instead. =)

If the guy looks tall it's because he's standing on a chair to get a better angle.


Walked back to Dhoby Ghaut Mrt station. Caught the last train home.

Why didn't they take the travelator like us? Unanswerable.

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