Friday, 25 September 2009

Class Peek Neek.

Had a picnic outing with my Poly Class at East Coast Park a loong time ago! Okay it was originally supposed to be at Marina Barrage but there wasn't going to be a 7-11 nearby if we went there to picnic and forgot to buy something, so we decided to go to East Coast instead.

First we went to Nathalia's house to make sandwiches.

This is Nathalia killing ants. Hahaha. =P

Our finished result. As prepared by Food Connoisseur Ken. Okay no that's just what we did with the leftovers before eating them.

The real sandwiches we made.

Then we went down to East Coast park. And I took pictures.

Crystal looking like Crystal. Haha. Used off-camera flash and a speed grid for most of the photos, which gives the effect you see above. That is, until my flash gun's batteries died because I didn't charge them. =( From then on I used built-in flash uh. Haha. Think I should go buy spare rechargeable batteries..

Climbing trees. For some reason. =O

Playing random games like Murderer.


Russell with my tripod. Haha and we took lots and lots of group photos.

After most of the people left, Ken and Russell started playing with the groundsheet we sat on. I have no idea why.

Superman and Ken.

I was eating a sandwich.

Walked back to Parkway Parade, then took a long bus ride home on 43.

Rest of the pictures I took on Facebook, and Animated Gifs here. =)

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