Sunday, 30 August 2009

Museum Field Trip.

As part of my module on Visual Presentation my class went to a field trip at the National Museum of Singapore. Hahaha. The exhibition was on The Collected Works of Verner Panton who was a prolific furniture and interior designer in Denmark. We were supposed to look at how museums in Singapore present and mount their exhibitions and artworks. To be honest I think we ended up taking more stupid pictures and doing stupid things than admiring his Collected Works. Anyways, Verner Panton believed in playful and radical uses of colours and interation between the user and the object.

Click here if you want to know more about the exhibition (which is over already :P).

Our lecturer came late. Hahahaha.

Then we went inside and started taking pictures.

Flash photography wasn't allowed inside for obvious reasons, so shot everything with available light.

I forgot why they had a television set showing someone doing kung fu.

Mirrors. Took forever trying to get a perfect angle but didn't get it in the end.

There was this weird chamber which was filled with soft chairs and spongy stuff. Hahaha. Photography wasn't allowed inside, so we stood outside and took pictures of the inside. =)


Yin Xue being emo.


The guy at the right.

Left after about 2 hours of walking around the exhibition. Saw people preparing for the night festival that coming weekend outside the museum. Which I went that weekend. =D

Then had dinner at Long John Silver's. Then went to Sengkang to celebrate Li Jing's birthday with View Meng, Ivan and Chuan Hui. Because we didn't have a lighter, I ended up buying 10 because the shop only sold in packs.

Economies of Scale and all that.

Ah wells, it was only about $1 anyways. Hahaha. Anyone wants a lighter?

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