Friday, 25 July 2008

The Dancing Sky.

Okay, took a taxi home after Sentosa on Saturday, then I went to clean my camera thoroughly. Gosh, sand/dirt gets everywhere la. In between the lens and camera, in the viewfinder, between the LCD screen and screen-guard, but I don't think any sand got into the camera itself. =)

Haha, went out at night with my family to catch The Dancing Sky at the National Museum. Okay tried to find some detailed informative website to link to but I can't find anything except a write-up here. =)

Basically it's this art event as part of Singapore's first ever Night Festival on the 18th & 19th and 25 & 26th of July. There were 2 shows, an 9pm one and a 11.30pm one. Naturally my family being a whole bunch of chronic insomniacs we went for the 11.30pm one. Heh.

Reached there rather late, and I was like super far away from the performance area because there were already a whole bunch of people there. And there were so many people taller than me (yea hard to believe right?) standing in front of me. Most of my pictures were horribly taken, and noisy, but the show was quite nice anyways.

It's actually a really complicated system of strings and pulleys and ropes and whatever, and it's all carefully designed and choreographed to become an art show. =)

I think the performers are all super zai one. Like, woah, those that have gone for high elements (or HRC haha) will know that kind of feeling that you get when you're suspended in the air with nothing but a harness and rope.

It started 'raining' partway through one of the performances, as in those kind of water sprayed from on top one la. Imagine trying to act graceful and dance whilst suspended in mid-air with water splattering on your face. O.o

This huge ball like thing rolled in but I couldn't get a nice picture at all cause I was so far away. =(

Almost everyone has a camera phone nowadays. Sighs.

Silhouette. =)

Then there was this piano with a person balanced on top. Wah, can you imagine trying to play a piano at that height?! Okay I don't think she's really playing la, but that person standing on the piano has rather awesome skills.

At times the piano and the dancer were swinging around very fast la. Scarily fast, as fast as that Viking ship at Escape Theme Park. Hahaha.

Oh, and my camera's white balance is not horribly wrong, it's just that the National Museum changes it's colours according to the song. =)

I think the balloon thing is supposed to represent the Moon. Looks rather scary close up.

Haha, her name must be Chang Er! XD

Silhouette again! =)

There was another segment of the performance at the grounds of the Singapore Management University, but it's just opposite the road so it's not really far.

That's a water fountain screen kind of thing.

Look at the amount of people! O.O

Splash! =D Okay I think my captions are all rather lame. =D

Didn't stay to the end because it was already about 1am, so we went walking randomly to find a Macdonald's for supper! Haha.

Okay, there are much better pictures here. Although they're not taken by me. =\ Haha.

I feel like Wan Ting, taking pictures when I'm crossing the road. Haha. =P

Bugis Street at 2am in the Morning.

Macdonald's was rather deserted except for a couple of people. Ate a double cheeseburger meal then we went off hunting for a way to go home. Haha.

Went to the bus stop outside Little India Station, and there were a bunch of Nite Owl services there. That white light is actually a street lamp. Yea. Black and white photos are nice. =)

Haha. 10Megapixel camera. =D

Waited around for the bus, and tried long exposure.

Okay that's all. First time taking a Nite Owl service because I usually just take a taxi home. =D The bus ride was about an hour plus, but it was really quiet because half the people on the bus were sleeping anyways. =D

Went home, slept at 4.20am. =O

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