Thursday, 31 July 2008

Singapore Night Festival.

Okay, this post is about a week late already. =/

After Science Day at school, I went down to Church for worship practice. Was quite fun. And I've not played for worship for a really long time already because of other things. =X

Cell group was okay too. Celebrated Sarah's birthday, wanted to take a picture of Marcus doing yo-yo tricks but didn't get to, and talked with Sarah and Rachel about where to go after O levels. Although I still don't really know where I want to go. =\

Took a bus to J8 at around 10.30pm, then took a train down to Dhoby Ghaut with my older sister to meet my mum and younger sis. Hahaha. They were shopping at Carrefour because it was the only shop still open at that time.

Went for supper at Burger King which was about to close too.

I think whoever made the burger was rather sleepy or eager to get home la. =X

Then we went to the National Museum of Singapore again. This time we went inside la. Haha.

The lighting effects on the Musuem itself was really cool. And there were lots of people snapping away happily at the building. Haha me included.

We walked into the Museum, and there in the centre stood a huge naked red man! Okay it's a statue, but it's still naked la. Hahahaha. Art.

There were various exhibitions showcasing the History of different aspects of Singapore or something like that. We went first to the one about food. =D

Chicken Rice! The text is actually readable if you zoom in.

Kueh Tutu. The plastic example thing looks really unappetising close up. Haha.

Yeech! Okay the way all the utensils and stuff required to make the food were arranged was rather cool.

There was this room full of spices and herbs and lots of stuff for people to smell.

Went to another room on photography. Lots of old old pictures.

I think the pictures are rather scary in that they were all taken before I was even born?

Thankfully I'm in 2008. Heehee. Or I would be lugging this around.

Look at that External Flash Unit in the left! =\

That's a perfume bottle, and a mirror.

Went into this next room where there were old horror films being shown. Heehee!

Sony Handycam. Haha.

Haha, there was also this exhibition on the 1st floor that was filled with loads of really funky electronic stuff.

Like this giant screen that starts popping up random windows.

Walked around the museum until around 1am, then took 6N home again. Haha.

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