Sunday, 7 December 2008

4 Integrity Chalet.

Okay. Went for class chalet last Tuesday to Thursday. Yay. Like last year, met up with Jude first, but also met up with Koon Tat and Hui Joo. And saw Hao Xiang, Elaine and Li Jing along the way. Had dinner at Burger King first, then we walked to the chalet which was rather scary because the path there was quite misty and dark.

Did random things there. Played Halo 2, played Ivan's classical guitar, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember already.

Pictures. =D

*cough* I'm not going to point out that the guy in the above picture is Yi Peng.

Ivan eating 汤圆 with sparkling juice. Airil staring in awe, haha.


Playing Ivan. =D

Heart Attack.

Koon Tat trying to build a house of cards. But failing. =P

Decided to go walk toward Tampines for some reason. But halfway there everyone was tired already so we turned around and headed back. =S

Karen, Koon Tat, View Meng and me decided to walk the really scary way back. Whilst everyone else went back first. Haha. Then we tried taking ghost pictures! =O

You'd need to zoom in all the way to see though. But in case you're lazy.

Really scary man. Would be better if I had a tripod, but I didn't. Blah. Anyways, took a couple of pictures then went back. Did random things around the chalet again, then went out to take the Sunrise which wasn't nice at all. =(

That's pretty much all the pictures I took already. Haha. Koon Tat and me were the only ones that didn't sleep at all okay? =P

Rest of the second day was spent swimming in the Morning, then cycling all the way to Tampines and back in under an hour, then swimming again. =D By the time the barbeque started I was dead tired already. Haha. But I still didn't sleep at all okay, although I wasn't really enthusiastic and high unlike the first night where I was pretending to be a tour guide. Ah well.

Went to fetch Ms Quan with View Meng and Jude to our chalet at some point. Haha. She brought dessert for us eh. Then lost to Koon Tat and Wan Ting horribly at Wii Tennis. Blee. =/

Was almost falling asleep at around 2am, then slept for about 2 minutes when Hao Xiang called me. -.- Then played Darren's Wii with Koon Tat, Li Ling and Wan Ting after that. Haha. Li Ling and me trashed Wan Ting and Koon Tat man. =P

Lazed around at the poolside chairs pretending to Sun tan. Haha. Fell asleep off and on then, can't really remember anything we talked about also. =S Then went for breakfast at Macdonald's. Woah. I was so tired I fell asleep when walking. Scary. =D

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