Sunday, 28 December 2008

Random Things.

Went to celebrate Nina's birthday on the 11th with Koon Tat, Denise and Fiona. Watched Wild Child at Shaw Lido. Like almost everyone in the theater were female la, except Koon Tat and me hahaha. We wouldn't have watched if not for Nina lor. The show was okay la, like those very standard kind of movies. I liked the seats in the theater the best. Like, can rock back and forth one. =D

Then we went window shopping around. Haha. Quite stupid la, contemplated going into Forever 21 with Koon Tat but then we just stayed outside cause there was nothing inside to look at anyways. -.- They should have like Forever 20 and Forever 22, so these people would not feel ostracised.

Went for dinner at Kovan. Then took 62 back home.

Went to Punggol End at night on Friday. Quite scary at 2am in the Morning. But the place is quite happening at night one leh. Got people camping around, and fishermen all along the stretch of beach there. Like woah, more crowded than at 9pm or 10pm la. Haha.

Blurry picture. Haha.

This dog was like, sitting in the middle of the road but stood up when the car drove past. =O

Truck drove past my camera. -.-

Stayed there only for like 5 minutes. And already I had 6 or 7 plus mosquito bites. =( But the place is quite cool la, next time must remember to bring mosquito repellent. =D

Spent my entire Saturday designing the Youth Camp booklet. Okay I was quite sidetracked at times, thanks to this stupid invention called the internet. -.-

Sunday was Church, then practising for worship with Rachel and Ming Ren, then Youth Camp meeting then Worship meeting. Haha. And then my sister and I decided to accompany Jolene to go Sheng Shiong and buy Nutella for the camp. Since it's Nutella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, I agreed. Ming Ren came along too.

Walked quite a distance to the supermarket, then on the way back we decided to take some shortcut slope thing and I slipped and fell. Gah. It's the first time I've ever fallen down some stupid muddy slope okay, so it's sort of an achievement for me. Hahahaha.

Went to the Gym and Swimming Pool on Monday with Hao Xiang. Someone forgot his googles, hah. Swam for a while, then went to meet Chee Sheng at Hougang Mall, then two left for Beach road whilst I went to Church to practise with Ming Ren for worship. So hardworking right? Heehee.

Oh and Aaron gave us a free ride to Jericho and back. Hahaha. =D

Went to Bugis station after that for a 1 Integ 06 gathering! It's not really 1 integ cause other people were there too, but the majority of people were from 1 integ la. Ate at the everyday happy steamboat place thing, hahaha.

Played the number guessing game too. Wah. Very stupid la, I went walking to another table when it was going to be my turn, then I walked back just when it was my turn. -.- The dish I ate was horrible. Thanks to Chee Sheng. Blee.

Came up with loads of stupid things haha. Then walked with Chee Sheng and Darren to Little India and took a train back at around 11pm.

Yay I'm going to catch up with blogging soon! Hahaha.

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