Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Nigel's Birthday.

Okay, it was Nigel's Birthday on Monday so Happy Birthday Nigel! =)

Met up with Chee Sheng and Eugene at Hougang MRT and went to Plaza Sing to find a present for Nigel first. We walked around the entire shopping mall, but when we checked the time we realised only about an hour had passed. This proves that guys cannot waste time shopping. Haha.

And I don't know how Chee Sheng does it, but he could remember that exactly 365 days before, we were celebrating Li Jing's birthday. Wah, and the last part of that post is like super coincidental! Heehee.

Anyways, had lunch at MacDonald's and did stupid stuff there like trying to create a stop motion video. But er, next time la.

Went back to Nigel's house at Hougang. Er, shall let pictures explain everything else.

There were lots and lots of people there, mostly from 4Diligence one, but also got the 5 of us from NPCC, haha.

Nigel's present! Had to wait super long for the lady at the Photo-Shop to develop the 2 pictures. -.-

After cutting the cake, everyone took a train to Plaza Singapura to watch Hancock. =)

Chee Sheng sitting next to a 'Do Not Sit Here' sign.

30 movie tickets, like, 2 rows in the theater la.

The movie was quite nice. Although I thought the plot was rather similar to Jumper as both movies are about some ancient lasting for centuries kind of thing. Went to Sakae Sushi at Park Mall after that.

There is no significant purpose or meaning in this photo. :)

There was a lot of people at Sakae Sushi also. Everyone ate the buffet, and took up about 4 or 5 tables. And Hao Xiang looks super blur in the picture cause I focused the camera on the sign.

Staring into the distance.

Yi Hong met us at Sakae and we all tried to eat Hao Xiang. Hahaha.

Haha, we ordered non-stop man, cause we were too lazy to wait for the conveyor.

Haha. And the 6 of us at the end table wrote Nigel an impromptu birthday card and sent it via sushi conveyor belt. Then they all started playing a game where you have to guess the number from 1-100 but I forgot what's it called already. Loser had to eat whatever Chef Koo prepared.

Don't trust Chee Sheng with your food! Haha. See the evill look in his eyes!!

Quick and effective hair loss solution. 100% reliable.

One of Chee Sheng's creations. I think it contains raw salmon, wasabi, this Japanese potato thing, lots of tasteless vegetables as a garnish, and the skin of the green pea thing as decoration. =)

Played for quite some time, then we went outside to take photos and went home.


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