Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Chinese O Lvl Oral Examinations.

I was going to start re-linking everybody and all that, but I got lazy halfway and thought ah I shall do it some other day, =) I usually blog hop around anyways.

Okay, shall start with Sunday where I woke up at the unbelievable time of 9am after going to sleep at 3am. But the sermon at Church was good, I mean, I didn't fall asleep or anything. =) And I can remember what the message was about okay. And lots of people reaffirmed/recommitted themselves. =D

Went for lunch at J8, then went back to Church for dance practice. I agree with Guan You when he says that Wei Ting's dance moves are way too sexy already. Bleah. Like, real hip-hop leh, not fake one. =(

Anyways, school again on Monday. Like, not in the mood to study you know? Haha. I should just get a job as a freelance professional photographer and spend the rest of my days taking pictures as and when I want. =D

Lessons are all forgotten. Er, went to Tampines Mall with Stephen and Denise after school to find a present for Geraldine. Was kind of stupid la, we thought of going to Vivo City first, then changed our mind after we entered the MRT station. So we went to the interchange and took 27 to Tampines Mall instead. But I met Fu Lin Sir on the way up, so it wasn't that wasted la. Haha.

Went to Tampines Mall, bought a handphone pouch for Geraldine from the Wallet Shop. Heehee. She thinks we're rich. =)

Went back towards Sengkang after that, and walked to Chee Hock's house with Stephen to visit him. Then listened to Chee Hock's description of how he got hit by the taxi. Thankfully nothing serious la.

Oh and played this Secret Code game thing with Jemaine and Xue Ee, and I won both of them cause I'm an expert at cracking the code. Haha. =P

Went home at around 7pm, and that was Monday.

Tuesday was Geraldine's birthday so Happy Birthday Geraldine. Haha, even though I really only know you through Stephen. ;D

Oh, there was 2 hours of Maths on Tuesday too. Excellent way to kill your brain cells la. After the like, first hour, your brain just wants to switch off/hibernate/go to sleep mode already.

There was Physic's practical too. Rolled some wo0den cylinder down a ramp and measured the time taken or something like that.

Lessons ended at around 2.30, went for lunch at Hougang Mall Food Court, then took 62 home.

Haha, Wednesday was, the day. =/ Er, PE lesson in the Morning was fun. Played floorball which was quite rough cause mostly guys. Haha.

Oh, and told cheesy stuff to Jemaine my girlfriend during Geography lesson! Haha. Like, I'm the peanut and you're the butter. Or you're the can of sardines and I'm the biscuit. Heehee. Then we shared the worksheet for Geography and she wrote like half of all the information into the wrong boxes! =X

Went for lunch with Denise, Yi Han, Lenson and Mr. Yeo at Hougang Mall food court after school. Haha, and we all found out that Lenson likes Felicia.

Then went back to school for the Oral Exam.

Haha, I was sitting down, looking at Heather and waiting for my turn, then I saw Heather getting up and the 2 invigilators discussing for a while. They straightened their papers, one of them pushed up his spectacles, and then one of them got up and went to the toilet. Like, -.- Anticlimax man. Blee.

Blah, oral on the whole went rather horribly, but haiyar, at least it's over. =)

Went to Serangoon Gardens with Stephen, Jun Han and Denise afterwards. Aston's again. I didn't eat cause Minghui is trying to save money. =( Haha, then again, I went back to Serangoon Gardens for dinner at Chomp Chomp with my family anyways. =P

Oh, and my sister took the same bus 136 as us on the way back home. Denise was like jumping up and down excitedly when she saw my sister la. -.- And then Airil, Mu Chen and Chit Min boarded the bus at the school bus stop and didn't know my sister was right next to them. Haha.

Went to Chomp Chomp for dinner, and I guess Sambal Sting Ray isn't exactly that great an idea when you're recovering from a sore throat, but the sting ray was so shiok! Haha. =X

Haha, kind of tired now. But it's like a sigh of relief now that the Chinese Orals are over already. =)

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