Thursday, 31 July 2008

Malvina's Birthday.

Gosh this is like 6 days belated but anyways, happy birthday! =)

Went for Church in the Morning alone because my father had to work, my mother wasn't free and my sister was sick. =X I feel so weird going to Church on a Sunday alone because I usually go with my family, or my sis. But anyways, sat with Bryan and Victor so I wasn't that lonely. Haha.

Service ended, stayed back to practice playing for YP Sunday. I think the song we're playing is really nice. My Praise by Phillips, Craig & Dean. The chorus gets stuck in your head. =D

Then had dance practice after that until around 4.30. Was rather fun but tiring. I think playing a guitar is easier than dancing. Because it's not very obvious to non-musically inclined people if you play the wrong chords, and it's quite easy to switch to the right chords, but it's very obvious if you dance the wrong steps from everyone else, and not that easy to correct what you're doing too. =/

Rushed down to Sengkang to meet Koon Tat, Denise and Stephen. Haha. I thought I would be latest, but everyone else was late except for Koon Tat. Blee. Went to buy a necklace for Malvina at 77th Street. And the CEO was there asking us if she could help!! Heehee I thought she looked rather familiar, then I realised I took a picture of her before but didn't know where, then I realised she was the CEO of 77th Street and everything clicked into place but by then she had walked off and left us with another store attendant so we didn't do anything. But I think it's rather cool that a CEO would not mind serving as a store attendant and not be like, sitting around delegating tasks to other people. =D

We took 119 there, on the way we told Malvina that we weren't coming. Haha. Either Stephen's a really convincing actor on the phone or Malvina's really gullible. Heehee.

We stopped at the bus stop, then was trying to find a way to get into the condo when Hui Qin saw us. =X

Okay pictures, taken by Stephen or Alvin or me. =)

Koon Tat tying a balloon! =D

Haha, I think I've lots of pictures of this matchbox already. =)

Haha. Chefs at work okay? *cough*

Haha, oh and we helped to start the fire. =P

Suitable Caption : OMPH. Okay I think Stephen's going to kill me for this, especially since this is the second picture of him already. =D

Butter. Raw. Cooked. Cooked.

Haha. Went to the playground and played around with sparklers! =D
Left hand holding sparkler, right hand holding camera. =)

Okay, cannot name who these 2 people are. ;D

I forgot whose leg is whose already. =\

Haha. Koon Tat and Malvin.


The Matchbox Again! Taken by Stephen.

Cut the cake at around 9.30 according to my camera. =)

Hahaha. Then smashed the cake.

Woahhh. Evil. Hahaha.

Haha, went home at around 10pm, took a bus to SengKang with Koon Tat, Jian Hui and Si Peng then took a train home. =)

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