Saturday, 5 July 2008

Progress Report.

Okay I got back my report book! Supposed to sign it I guess. =\
  • English-A2
  • Chinese-C6
  • Mathematics-E8
  • Science(P,C)-B4
  • Combined Humans(S,H)-A1
  • Geography-A1
Haha, I guess I did okay, but that Maths grade is like, [ =( ] Minghui needs help with numbers!

Oh, the remarks were: Minghui is a very jovial person who is well liked by both peers and teachers. He should be able to do well in his studies if he focused on it.

And, because I obviously have nothing better to do, I went through all the previous comments and picked out keywords. =)

  1. Cheerful (three times)
  2. Friendly (three times)
  3. Jovial (two times)
  4. In NPCC (two times)
  5. Needs to pay attention (two times)
  6. Takes pride in his work (two times)
  7. Outstanding
  8. Well-Behaved
  9. Considerate
  10. Brush up on Chinese
  11. Confident
  12. Optimistic
  13. Posses a sense of humour
  14. Focused (in sec 1)
  15. Needs to stay focused (in sec 3)
  16. Needs to focus (in sec 4)
Okay, I left out some of the longer, more unique comments though. =D Gosh, I feel very egoistic.

But the last three were kind of weird, in Sec 1 my teacher remarked that I was focused and takes pride in his work, in Sec 3 my teacher remarked that if I stay focused and work hard I am capable of improving my grades for maths, and just recently my teacher remarked that I should be able to do well if I focused on it.

I guess I am losing my focus here. =(

Forget it, I definitely need to act dao more often in class, teachers think I'm cheerful and friendly and jovial.

Okay, er, lessons on Thursday were all kind of weird. Chinese Teacher gave us this worksheet with song lyrics on it and asked us to fill in the blanks. And the song was completely unfamiliar to me, some very old song la. Then the whole class sabo-ed Yi Peng to go up front and sing. Haha.

Tried to convince Jude and Lenson that I was really together with Jemaine during Geography, but I think I failed la.

Got back our English essay too. I chose the topic on Dreams and wrote this weird superhero kind of story where this guy can see into people's dreams. Haha, I think it's a nice story though. So much more fun than solving numbers in my opinion. Heh. =D

And there was Chemistry Practical! Haha, for one part we were supposed to heat this elusive 'solution A' and observe any changes, and Lenson was slightly faster than me.

(Lenson slowlys moves test tube back and forth over Bunsen burner)
(The entire solution turns black and smoke pours out almost instantaneously, some droplets of the solution fly out from the test tube)
Lenson: Wah....scary!!
(After a few minutes)
Minghui: Wah I very scared to heat leh... *looks up at Chemistry teacher*
Teacher: Just don't point at Lenson or me can already.
(Same thing happens but more droplets fly out)

The elusive 'solution A' was Copper(II) Chloride by the way, for those ultra nerds. :)

Went for lunch at Long John Silver with Lenson, Jun Han and Jude. Then went back to school for Maths extra lessons.

A new teacher's teaching us, and I think she's rather nice, although she spent half an hour on 1 question. =X But good larr, for slow thinking people like me. =)

Today's lessons weren't as interesting, except for maybe a Maths class test which I think I'm going to fail.

Erh, went for lunch with Lenson and Jude at the Hougang Plaza Kopitiam. Then Lenson and me went back to school cause we were asked by Ms Lim to help shoot some video for VIP.

Then, by some secret magic powers I suddenly became an actor in the video acting as an ungracious person. *Disclaimer* Minghui is actually a very gracious person by nature but sometimes his acting is just too convincing. Hahaha.

But okay la, the skit was quite funny. And I got to meet Justin whom is my exact opposite in the video and Ivan whom is the little brother and Nisha whom is the mother and Dorothy whom is the maid.

Was walking to the 136 bus stop when Stephen and Denise asked me to go to Serangoon Gardens with them.

So I went home, bathed, changed and went out again. =\

Met Wen Jie at the bus stop though, haha. Haven't seen him for a few months already, even though his school is only a few blocks from my house.

Then took 136 to Serangoon Gardens and realised suddenly that Mu Chen was on the same bus as me but I didn't notice. o.o

Then I saw my sister outside her school bus stop on the opposite side of the road. So coincidental la.

Went to Serangoon Gardens, had dinner at RK House with Stephen whilst Denise played Spider Solitaire on my laptop. Then took 136 to Church after that.

Was dissecting Joleen's pencil box and arranging all her pens and pencils and stationery in a nice organised position on the table whilst she was doing my Maths Mock Exam Paper before Cell, and I realised she had a purple Hybrid Gel Grip. O.0 I've never seen a purple HGG before. About 1 or 2 stores in Singapore sell the black, blue, silver and gold variations, but no purple. And she doesn't know where she got it from too. Hahaha.

Cell group was okay, message by Sarah was good too. Caught up with Joleen and Bryan on how their O lvl Chinese Orals went too.

Went back home. Used the computer until about 1am, and there was this like little girl playing in the rooftop garden with her father. Gosh, who brings their kid down to the garden at 1am with most of the lights off already?

Ah okay, that's about all for the past 2 days. I realised O levels are just 14 weeks away. =(

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