Thursday, 17 July 2008

Chinese O Level Listening Comprehension.

Er, my Monday was rather boring. Haha. Had Social Studies workshop, and we were given marshmallows by the teacher. Yay. Stayed back in school on Monday with Ryan and Lenson to try playing I'm Moving On by Rascal Flatts, then we went to Lenson's house for a while. Haha, er, got kind of sidetracked by Crysis again.

Okay Tuesday was rather uninteresting too. Busy in school, but it's all just revising and stuff now. I realised I'm not learning any new things now except in Pure Geography where we're still learning about Food.

O Level Listening Comprehension after school. =X Okay, la, I didn't find it difficult. In fact, I think it's the easiest of the three papers. =D They broadcasted the message over the radio, Symphony 92.4fm if I'm not wrong. And there was lots of classical music being played too. Haha.

Went to Bras Basah Complex with Ryan, Lenson and Ivan to go look for Lenson's electric violin. He bought the 1.3k Fender Electric Violin. =O Then we went for dinner at the MacDonald's there, then went home. Haha. I was like stating really loudly on the crowded MRT that Lenson had just bought a Fender electric violin. Gosh, Hotshoe is becoming Yellowcard. =D

Wednesday was PE. Haha. Height and Weight. Gah. I grew 1 cm to 179 only. Now Hui Joo's the tallest in class at 180cm. Good good, stop asking me to go make the projector screen in the future cause I'm no longer the tallest. =P

And my weight was worse, I think I remained at 55kg, even after not exercising for about a month already. Where did all that cake/food/snacks go to? I can't grow fat!! I think I'm underweight now. Sooner or later everyone's going to call me toothpick or satay stick. like cheesheng =P

Played badminton for a while with Stephen, then was dragged to go play Frisbee by Bernice. HAHA. Was super stupid, cause we all couldn't really throw a frisbee properly at all and ended up running after the flying thing more often than catching. Haha. Then the way Bernice ran after the frisbee was like a Chinese dance. Like, hands flying in the air then running. Gosh, it's hard to explain but super hilarious la.

Then I got pinched extremely painfully in the shoulder by Bernice because I was imitating her. Wah. It's like, some kind of nerve pinch in the shoulder that lasts for a very long time. =( Then she was super sadistic also. After pinching my left shoulder she went : "I help you balance!" Then she pinched the right one also. -.-

Chemistry Mock Exam 2 after school. Gah. I again finished the paper half an hour early for some weird reason. And although we were told that the Periodic table was going to be in a lot of questions, there was only 2 or 3 questions related to the Periodic table. The upside is that I didn't really study anything since the time at Chee Hock's house, so I didn't feel as cheated. =)
Haha. I gave really a really stupid answer though. We were supposed to write down the uses of various things. And everyone gave the use for Nickel as wiring, or catalyst. I wrote 'making coins'. Cause I read somewhere that nickel was used to make 5 cent coins or something. At least I didn't write 'nickel rod' or 'nickel bar'. =D

Went to Ryan's house after that. Yay. Practice. Then we ate at MacDonald's for dinner again cause we're MacDonald crazy people. =) Although it's rather unhealthy but I need to gain weight anyways so it doesn't matter. Heehee. Okay shall stop making low metabolism people jealous.

Oh, today was rather sleepy cause I've not slept any earlier than Midnight for the whole of the week. I dunno where time flies off to. =( So I slept on and off throughout lessons. Haha. There's this like, weird subconscious state where you can sleep and yet listen to everything going on around you. I think I'm getting old. I used to be able to sleep at 3am on a school night without a problem. Or maybe I should start drinking coffee again! =D

Maths extra lessons after school. Me, Stephen and Koon Tat stupidly waited outside the Hougang Mall toilet for Denise and Fiona when they were already walking back to school.

Celebrated Hui Ling's Birthday after maths lesson. Haha. Happy Birthday Hui Ling. Li Jing removed the strawberries from the strawberry shortcake and the cake ended up looking rather horrible, but it tasted okay la. =) Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera, so no pictures.

Went to practice at Space again with Hotshoe. Gosh, we're so hardworking. =D Although I think we spend more time doing stupid things. Hahaha. Like the video on how to confuse and idiot on Lenson's and Ryan's blog was rather interesting. ;)

Okay that was Monday to Thursday. =/

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