Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Beach Games.

Haha weee woke up early on Saturday Morning and went down to Vivo City to meet the rest. There was a whole bunch of people from the youth group although it was mostly guys. Erm Joel, Desmond, Timothy, Meng Ren, Tammy, Cedric, Coleman, Johnathon, Kenneth, Marcus, David and Yu Rong. =) Matthew, Alicia and Melaine joined us later.

Was like wondering where Meng Ren was when I reached Habourfront, then I realised he was sitting at some obscure corner doing Geography. -.- Oh, and I realised Marcus is quite a pro at yo-yo. =O

The weather was kind of cloudly, and it drizzled on and off, but okay la, at least the sand wasn't that hot. =)

Brought my D80 to test it's sand-proofed-ness. Haha. Small tiny particles of sand got into the viewfinder, but other than that sand didn't seem to be inside the sensor or lens. The camera got really hot whilst I was using it in the Sun though.

Point and shoot. =)

Started by playing a blindfold game where you have to walk around blindfolded. Then played something like Murderer where a bunch of people sit around and try to decide who's the killer but more complicated cause there's a witch doctor and werewolves and hunters. Then we played human table soccer like in the Showdown but slightly different, then played real soccer after that. Haha.

Oh, then we stopped for lunch. Hotdogs! I think the hotdogs were nice. =)

Then the bunch of us played soccer against some half naked guys. Wah. Meng Ren was like, star player la, he saved almost every goal and even got kicked rather painfully in the face. Ouch.

Haha, we won them even though they were older than us and all. And then more half naked guys came and played. Okay, I'm exaggerating larr, not all of them were half naked. The ball came rather dangerously close to my camera more than once. =O

Ah, then we went to play Captain's ball.

Ended at around 3.30pm, went to bathe and change then went to find my family whom were also playing around somewhere in Sentosa. Haha, I realised Snowie came along too. =)

Went around taking random shots of people. =)

No Sun. =(

That guy must be using Gatsby. =P

Went to Kofu for an early dinner at around 5pm, then went home. =)

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