Sunday, 13 July 2008

HI Musical Cast Party.

Okay, Athenium Day at school today. I realised there's no such word as athenium. It's true, Google doesn't lie. The closest word is atheneum or Athenian. Haha it's supposed to be a day where leadership postitions are handed down and it's based on some Ancient Greek story about how the Greek Goddess Athena competed with the Sea God Poseidon for some city and won because she created an olive tree which was more useful than a salt-water lake. The Greeks then named the city Athens. I don't really get the link though. Maybe the CCA leaders and Exco members have to make olive trees and we'll name our school after them. Heehee.

Ah anyways, lessons were all boring. Haha. Had a quick lunch somewhere and went back to school for Chemistry extra lessons. =X Our classroom was used for History extra lessons so we walked around the school looking for an empty classroom with Miss Zahila. In the end we used IT Resource room 3 which Mdm Png used to bring us to last year. Haha. Oh and Miss Zahila shared super lame jokes with us towards the end of the lesson. Hahaha. Like: Will Batman or Superman win in a race? Superman. Because when Batman Begins, Superman Returns. =P

Didn't have to stay back anymore after Chemistry (yay!), so went back home with Jemaine and Jun Han.

Lazed around at home until 6.30pm, then met Ryan and Lenson at Lenson's house to collect my guitar. Then we got kind of sidetracked because of Lenson's stupid computer and that stupid game called Crysis. Hahaha. Reached school late for the Cast party because of that.

Haha, the party was okay. The photographers didn't get certificates! But it's okay la since the school's certificates all have the same generic design. Maybe they should hire an awesomely skilled graphic designer to design new certificates for them. Like me! Heehee.

Oh it was a buffet sort of thing catered by Stamford. We Cater We Care. ;) We went to eat when the teacher's were asked to go get their food cause we needed to er, take photos. Haha. Then the three of us pretended to be teachers.
Eg:"Eh Lenson, how's your class ah?" "Orh ya, they're very naughty la."

Haha. And I met Hui Hui whom said that the design for the H.I. Musical blog was not nice. But never mind, anyone with Hui has excellent skills one. =P

Our performance went rather horribly. There was only 2 mikes again, and the mikes were functioning on and off. And our first song, Collide by Howie Day, went horribly, because we didn't really practise that song beforehand. View from Heaven went okay though. =)

Party ended at around 10pm. That's like kind of early for us, haha. So we went to Hougang Mall MacDonald's for supper. Saw Hao Xiang there! Haha. Then walked Denise to the bus stop because she needed to go home and sleep. *Gracious Act* And acted like a ninja running around trying to hide from Hao Xiang on the way back.

Took one of the last few trains to Punggol, and saw Airil and Chit Min at the bus interchange. Reached home at around 11.30pm. Went to sleep cause of Physics Mock Exam the next day.

Haha, erm pictures of the Cast party should be uploaded to the H.I. Musical blog soon. =)

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