Sunday, 20 July 2008

Racial Harmony Day.

Okay, Racial Harmony Day's actually on the 21st of June, but our school celebrated it on Friday for some reason. =)

Haha, and Friday is Nelson Mandela's birthday! Okay, no link. But Friday was Alvin's, Fionella's, and Erika's birthday in order of age. =O Haha. So er, Happy birthday to everyone then! =D

Assembly program was on Racial Harmony. Haha, there were a bunch of performances, like a fashion show, and dances. And the air-con was switched on! =P Stayed back to take photos cause we wanted to waste as much 'Maths lesson time' as possible. But when we went back up to class we realised our teacher had not even started teaching yet. =X

To whomever might want the picture.

Ate a sandwich for recess with Koon Tat! =) I'm random.

Chemistry, gosh Miss Zahila was going through our 10 years series, and then I think I fell asleep a number of times whilst waiting for the others to finish copying the corrections. I would like, finish corrections for 1 question, then fall asleep, wake up 5 minutes later, copy the corrections for the next question, then fall asleep again. Hahaha. Modular sleep you know? I got super irritated after a while and gave up the idea of sleeping altogether.

Maths test during our Chinese lesson. Bleah. Okay, I didn't know how to do question 1a) part ii) & iii), but I thought question 2b) was rather okay, but 2c) was extremely weird. ;)

Oh we had to check our CCA points and achievements for LCE. I'm kind of depressed, because I only got a B3. Like, it's rather depressing to know that all that trainings for the SYF Opening Ceremony parade two years ago, and all the trainings for the NPAP last year too, the countless Wednesdays and Fridays spent marching and doing drills, all are worth only 1 CCA point each. Wah, Performing Arts get like 6 CCA points for participating and getting bronze in the Singapore Youth Festival, so it's rather depressing that the effort was really only worth 1 CCA point. But, the feeling you get when you are in such parades is worth more than all the CCA points in the world, so it doesn't really matter I guess. =)

And it's rather depressing that ODAC was worth 0 points, so was Cinema 4D AEM, and Media Club. Sighs. Like, 3 CCAs for nothing. But maybe I can still go claim, heehee.

Went for Chemistry extra lessons after LCE and we spent the lesson doing 10 year series again. Then went to canteen after lessons to celebrate Alvin's and Lester's Birthday. =) Yay 2 cakes!

Mr Yeo walking past. =)

Lester looks like he's thinking very deeply about something. =)

Haha, sang birthday song, cut the cake, ate the cake, played with the cake, etc. Then Jun Han, Xue Ee, Jemaine and me went to Aston's for a late lunch. =) I think we're all weird people, traveling all the way to Serangoon Gardens just to eat lunch. But it's pretty worth it la.

Ate Lemon Lime Chicken with Potato Salad and Pasta for sides.

$5.90 for all that is worth it. =)

Oh, and we saw Veronica walking into Chomp Chomp! Hahaha.

Took 136 back home, bathed, and went out again for Cell group. Took MRT to Potong Pasir with my sister, then we changed to bus 13. Oh. The 13 we took was a new bus, with a much higher ceiling. =) Looks kind of like the buses in Perth, but I can't really remember.

Then we went to buy bubble tea at Prime first, and queued next to a bunch of Catholic High school people. Then one of them tapped me and I realised he was Jacob! Hahaha. I haven't seen Jacob in a million gazillion years. He looks so different la, and he's in NCC. =X And he's Secondary 2 already. Gosh. I feel old. I used to have awesome fun with him and his brother after Kindergarten lessons.

Walked to Church, and worship was nice. =) Then the message was rather insightful too. Confession is not equal to Repentance. Then there was food at the Social Hall cause it was the start of another Alpha course, and we played Taboo for cell group, haha. Went home with my father and sister.

I can't believe I'm blogging at 4am in the Morning on a Sunday. I'm going to be a zombie later on in the day. =D

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