Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Physics Mock Examinations 2

Gah. Had to drag myself out of bed on a Saturday Morning to go to school. =(

Second Physics Mock Exam, it's probably the last one before Prelims, but I can't decide whether that's a relief or a depressing thing.

The exam itself was rather horridly done. I had a headache the moment I saw those stupid questions on electricity and couldn't remember any Coulomb or current or whatever formula. I did everything like extremely fast and finished half an hour before the allocated time. Then I spent the rest of the time sleeping and spinning pens. Gosh, hope I'll pass the exam, but the headache was really terrible la. Although it magically disappeared when the exam ended. Haha.

Exam ended at around 10am, so went for breakfast/lunch with Chee Hock, Jun Han, Jemaine, Yi Han, Xue Ee, and Zuo Ying. Ivan and View Meng were supposed to go too but View Meng had Parent Teacher Meeting at 10.30.

Went to Jalan Kayu for Roti Prata. Haha. Jun Han was like, super hungry or something, he ate 2 plain, 1 egg prata and went to order another egg prata. =O And the Teh Beng was quite nice too. =P

Didn't go to Chee Hock's house with them cause I needed to catch up on my sleep. =) Reached home at around 12noon and slept until 5pm. Then woke up to go to Matthew's surprise Birthday Party. Haha. He's working in Utah but he's back in Singapore for a month.

Haha, parent's sent me and my sister to Matthew's house, where we saw Adriel and Meng Ren skewering Chicken wings. Helped them out and then Joleen joined us not long after.

Skewering chicken wings actually requires skill, like you first have to break the wing which sounds rather uncannily like cracking your knuckles. Then you have to poke the satay stick such that it pierces the skin and not the meat and then maneuver the stick and straighten the wing. Okay shall stop talking nonsense. =D Our hands all smelled like chicken wings because of the marinate after that though. Haha.

BBQ and party was quite fun. =) Had some really deep discussion about the chicken and metaphysics. Like, why did the chicken cross the road? How do you know the chicken even exists? What makes a chicken a chicken? If a chicken crosses the road but no one is there to see it, does it cross? What if it was not the chicken that moved, but the road? =D Lots of stupid pointless discussion about the chicken, and the road.

Stayed until around 10pm, then my parents came to pick us up again. =) Went back home, grabbed my bag, 2 shirts and my camera, then left the house again. =O

Went to Chee Hock's house to study Chemistry. Haha. Was supposed to have a bunch of people staying over, but in the end it was just Jun Han and me staying over. Oh and Jun Han and Chee Hock taught me how to play Mahjong. =)

Then we used his computer, messed around playing until around 3am then started studying. =D Chee Hock slept though because he didn't sleep at all in the Afternoon.

Haha, studied until around 5.45am when Jun Han and me decided to watch random cartoon shows on Chee Hock's television instead. Then Jun Han left and I went to sleep because there was nothing else for me to do except study. Woke up at around 8am, then Chee Hock's mum bought breakfast for us. =) I don't know what I ate leh. It's like some kind of black hokkien mee. But doesn't taste like it.

Ah anyways, went to meet my family at Rivervale Plaza MacDonald's where they were having breakfast, then went to Church. =) Sermon was okay, then went for lunch at Mos Burger.

Rather pointless picture. But it shows that I did eat Mos Burger okay. Haha.

Went back to Church for worship meeting. On how to manage your emotions. Kind of makes you think. If you are practicing with a band but feel emo and not in the mood to play, do you tell everyone or keep things to yourself? Both choices have different repercussions, so it's kind of hard to decide.

Then had dance practice after worship. Gosh, was super nua and tired by then already. But at least we learned a bit of the second song. =)

Took bus 13 to Potong Pasir after practice, then took a train home. Haha, the sky was rather nice so I spent another hour walking around Punggol and taking pictures. =D Ah but never mind, shall post them some other time.

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