Friday, 25 July 2008


Okay I'm rather behind time in blogging so I'll just lump everything together in 1 post. =)

Overslept for Church on Sunday. =X I think sleeping at 4am at something to do with it. But went down to Church with my sis because there was YP Sunday rehearsal. Lunch was provided for people involved. Haha =D MacDonald's.

Rehearsal went okay, although I forgot some steps at some point. Went for Youth Camp meeting after the rehearsal. Meeting went okay too, and we decided on the location. =D

Went back for dance practice after meeting. Haha, I think we've learned the whole thing already. Yay. =)

Practiced until around 6+, then went home.

PE lesson on Monday. Wee. Didn't play Chinese DanceFrisbee this time round, but spent the lesson playing badminton in the hall. Quite depressing that it was the second last lesson.

Mr Maran didn't come for History. Spent the lesson getting addicted to Patapon on Jasper's PSP. It's such a stupid game but it's so addictive. Hahaha.

Had Social Studies workshop after school, then went for lunch at Aston's with Chee Hock, Jun Han, Xue Ee, Jemaine and Stephen. Yea, again. =P

Watched a video for History lesson on Tuesday, something on Stalin. Then we didn't have any English extra lessons so we went somewhere for lunch but I can't remember where. Blah. Okay never mind.

Wednesday was rather normal too. Physics extra lessons after school, followed by Geography extra lessons. Learned about some weird diagram which may come out in the O level paper. Went to Lenson's house to practise for the performance the next day, and got sidetracked by Crysis again. Oh, and filmed this really stupid video advertising Ryan's Ibanez guitar. Haha. 'Magic volume knobs'

Practised until around 8.30pm, then reached home at 10pm cause the bus took such a long time to come. Bleh.

Woke up real early on Thursday for performance. We practiced 3 songs but in the end only got to play 1 because we were only given 3 minutes. Sighs.

And that Ivan ah, wanted me to bring my camera then complained that my camera's external flash unit had low battery because all the pictures were underexposed. Then when I asked him to check ISO after everything was over already he realised ISO was set at 100. -.- So now I have a bunch of super high quality pictures of us performing that are so dark that you can't see a thing.

Forget it, shall not post the rest cause they're all so horribly underexposed. -.-

Went for lessons, and Maths extra lessons after school, then saw this whilst on the way out of school.

Wah, I know who did it man! ;) Gosh, so much for Metacognition.

Went to Sengkang with Stephen and Denise because Stephen wanted to look for Earrings. For some gift exchange for Scouts. ;) Haha, and he bought the earring in the shape of the Scouts logo. -.-

Then we went to the Supermarket cause Stephen wanted to buy Tomatoes. Hahahaha. Denise started choosing Tomatoes like an auntie. Okay I think I'm going to get scolded horribly for this. Hahaha, Stephen wanted to buy some sausages so we went to the Meat Counter, then started arguing with me over Sausages. Then she suddenly said : "Noo, I like long long one!" Haha, rest of the time was spent laughing loudly at stuff.

Yea. We're really childish and immature lar. Like, what's so funny about Denise holding a bag of big big tomatoes in one hand and long long sausages in another?

Okay, that's everything that happened from Sunday to Thursday, I'm really behind time in blogging. =X

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