Friday, 11 July 2008


Woke up on Wednesday to the sound of rain. But I stupidly went about my usual routine whenever I wake up (involves lots of yawning) and didn't bring an umbrella. Went to the bus stop outside my house and saw Victor there waiting too. Haha. Me : "You didn't bring umbrella also?" Victor : "Yea.." Kind of stupid cause our houses are barely 5 minutes away but we're both stuck at the bus stop waiting to take the bus to the interchange.

Eh, then went to the playground area opposite school, and it started raining super heavily. Went back and forth from the school gate because there wasn't enough umbrellas for the 5 or 6 or us waiting there. Eh, I'm so gracious la, I helped carry the umbrella for Denise and Chuan Hui to and fro, and I think I ended up being wetter than Chee Sheng and Jian Hui whom both ran in the rain.

Then went to hall for Morning assembly. Gah. And there was VIP where they showed the video on graciousness. I'm a verrry gracious person, it's just that I'm a convincing actor only. Yea. Whatever ungracious horrid act you saw in the video was purely a product of my acting skills. =P

Was walking back to class when Veronica walked up next to me.
Veronica : "Moist Bread!"
Me : "Huh? What?"
Veronica: "Moist Bread!!!"
Me : "HUH?"
Veronica: "Moiiissst Bradd!"
Then I realised she was actually calling me a spoiled brat like the person I played as in the video. -.- I thought she was talking about some kind of new sandwich at Subway la.

Now everyone at school's calling me a spoiled brat. Sighs.

Physics extra lesson after school, and Geography extra lesson after Physics. We have a new teacher for Geography! =D Although she's mostly revising what we've learnt before.

Went for a really late lunch with Lenson at Macdonald's, then went back to school because Sec4Mata's were celebrating Li Jing's Birthday! Heehee.

The picture above is blur because I don't have a single clear shot of the cake. And I can't exactly take a second picture of the cake now anyways. =(


Lighting the campfire.

Okay, and we also tried to photograph each other 'smoking'. Without a cigarette. Credits to Eugene for teaching us the secret. Hahaha.

The smoke is real and was not added in with any image manipulation program. =)

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