Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Science Day 2008.

Ah okay, last Friday was Science Day! Haha. There was an assembly programme in the Morning where my Chemistry teacher did some really cool magic trick. Like, magic water A + magic water B = Colourless Liquid turning black in an instant. Woah. Okay, I'm a very gullible person la. Haha.

We had normal lessons, but got to walk around the school during Chemistry lesson. I'm rather lazy to type out what happened, but I did bring a camera so there's loads of pictures. =)

Tried not to post any unglam pictures of anyone already. And I have lots of unglam pictures of people. =P

The event was like a carnival sort of thing where you go around to various stations completing a worksheet. Haha, I think the storyline and all was rather well thought out. =D

Jude's hands which are pink because he dipped his hand into pink Hydrogen Peroxide and didn't know you could actually use a scoop. =P

Hello Kitty!

Haha, this guy was really sporting and allowed me to take multiple pictures of him. =)

The other Pure Chemistry half of the class were having their lessons whilst we were outside enjoying ourselves. =P

At this point, I'm supposed to come up with some funny comment about this skeleton, but I can't think of anything.

Haha, Nigel was running away from me when I tried to take his picture!! =(

I don't really think the above image is very exciting. Probably because I've watched Brainiac. Haha.

Above 3 pictures taken by Stephen or Ivan, I can't remember.

Why so serious? Hahaha...Dark Knight joke.

Oh, and a bird flew outside our class window and was like, going to build a nest. But I think we chased it away with our failed attempts to take pictures of it. Sighs.

Okay, was supposed to have Chemistry extra lessons, but we could go attend the Science Garden Opening Ceremony as celafare instead. =D

Went to collect Senior NCO shirt first, then realised I was like, late for the ceremony already so walked really quickly towards the Science Garden, then on the way there Wan shouted from the 4th Level that he had passed my headphones to Bernice, then Wei Ting dropped some CD meant for Macrina Mdm from the 4th Level to the 1st Level where I was standing then she asked me to pick it up but then she later said I could leave it where it was which I did but Mdm Png walked past and started talking to me about how leaving stuff on the ground was unsafe so I picked it up and ran to the 4th Level and passed it to Wei Ting then started looking for Bernice but gave up in the end and went walking really briskly to the Science Garden.

When I reached there, the Opening Ceremony was over! =X But I did take pictures of the Principal taking a tour around the garden. I think it's rather weird to be posting pictures of teachers or the Principal on your blog so I shalln't do that. But pictures of schoolmates and friends are okay cause they can't do anything =P

It's rather cool to think that in 20 years time I can come back and pluck bananas from this Musa Acuminata.

Scouts rehearsing for National Day Parade. ;) Dunno why when Justin marched past us, he would face the left side away from us leh. Like, automatic Pan Dan ke Kiri. =D

Eh, I think this picture looks very cool. All 4 of them super dao then Yi Hong raising his hand. XD

The only one acting cute when everyone else is turning away. Sighs. =P

Koon Tat advertising for pudding.

There was NDP rehearsal in school too. Kind of weird to see people all formed up, because I've never exactly seen a NDP rehearsal from the view of a spectator before.

Poor bench. =(

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