Sunday, 13 July 2008

Jun Liang's Birthday.

Haha, immediately after Li Jing's birthday was Jun Liang's birthday!

But first, went to school, temperature taking exercise in the Morning. Oh and Mrs Loh didn't come for Maths lesson. =D Double period E Maths too.

Haha. Words are all pretty boring, so I shall post pictures.


The pen. The only toy you can bring into an examination hall. =P

Jude playing Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Haha. You can't actually tell just by looking at the picture.

Our very very dirty and impossibly hard to clean whiteboard.

Airil's shirt that was ripped during the Health Check Up on Wednesday. What happens when you play 'MC'. ;)

Ah, went for lunch at Hougang Plaza Kopitiam with a bunch of people. Then went back to school for Maths Afternoon Programme. Sighs.

But okay la, I know how to do Trigonometry! Haha.
During the lesson Xue Ee was like : "Wah Minghui you can do ah?"
Me : "Haha. Trigo is the topic I'm most pro at okay?"

She has repeated what I said for about 3 times already whenever the subject of Maths and Minghui pops up. -.- Like : "Minghui say he very pro at Trigo hor!" =X

Stayed back in school for a while to practice with Hotshoe. Haha. I learned how to play Major Chords on Piano! Although I think I forgot them already, but at least I did learn. =D

Those sexy long and talented fingers are mine. HEH. =P

Practised until around 6pm, then went to Chee Sheng's house where I was greeted with gunfire and bullets whizzing past me.

Haha. Hao Xiang, Eugene and Chee Sheng were all playing around with those toy guns that can shoot soft bullets. That Eugene kept aiming for my head (and succeeding) la.

We went to Hougang Mall where we found a cake for Jun Liang, then waited at the bus stop for Wei Ting, Elaine, Li Jing and Woei Jiun. Then we took a bus to Jun Liang's house.

Haha, found at the head of Jun Liang's bed.

Played Blackjack for a while, then we got bored and played Heart Attack instead.

Birthday boy! =)


From left to right : Most dao to super high.

We all tricked Jun Liang into going outside to 'send us home' and smashed his face with cake instead. Heeheehee.

I have no idea why the tissue box is there.

Haha. Sneaky.

Acting. =D

Okay, left Jun Liang's house at around 9.45, took 136 home with Eugene and we tried making his glow-in-the-dark-pen glow really really brightly with my SB-600, then reached home at around 10.30pm.

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