Friday, 1 August 2008


Okay haven't posted anything photo-related for a long time. So I shall post something which wasted away my Monday morning. Haha.

Was about to go to sleep after returning from Malvina's birthday party when I found 3 light sticks in my bag. Haha. Then decided to play around and made a smiley face from the lightsticks, then I decided to take out my tripod and try taking long exposure shots with my camera.

With the lights on. Duh.

1/3 Second Shutter

2.5 Second Shutter

10 Second Shutter

30 Second Shutter.

Okay the difference is rather significant, because the longer you keep the shutter open, the more light falls onto the sensor. Duh. Unfortunately I can't set my camera to a longer shutter speed unless I have a D80 remote. =) Haha. *Hint* ;)

Oh, and changed my blog header because I'm tired of piglet! I think the smiley face looks really scary! Hahaha.

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