Sunday, 29 June 2008

H.I. Musical.

Gosh it has been tiring for the past few days. And I haven't used the computer for such a long time too. Like, so many things have happened already. My father came back from Japan on Saturday, my sisters got 2 hamsters but haven't named them yet, Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft, and a bunch of other random events which I've forgotten already.

But anyways, our performance for I Want To Be A Star: The Competition was on Wednesday. Our band name was Hotshoe and we performed an acoustic cover of View From Heaven by Yellowcard. Haha, and we got into top 3! Was not expecting to get into top 3, but yea! Our hard work on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday paid off. =D Thanks to everyone whom wished us congratulations or good luck. =D

Went to the Drama Centre on Thursday and Friday cause we had to take photographs so we got to skip school but we unfortunately had to miss our lessons in school. =\

Seriously though, had lots of fun taking photos with Lenson, Ryan, Alvin, Ivan, View Meng, and Mr. Yeo. And also Wilson whom joined us on the actual day. I learned break dancing, hip-hop and beat boxing. ;) We also told lots of stupid jokes like: "Did you hear the joke about the vacuum cleaner? Yar, it sucks." And we filmed footage for a short film in the making, about The Search For Alvin or something like that. Heh. And played Mr Yeo's guitar singing whatever songs came to our mind for some time too. =D

I think there's too many stupid things to list down la. Like me serving out packet lunches as if they were gourmet items, or me shooting a commercial for Nikon (pronounced Nai-Kon), or break dancing/hip-hop in the dark. AH. I think everyone thinks I'm an extremely weird, lame, attention-seeking, psychologically unstable person now. I'm actually a very focused sensible mature evaluative and reasoning introspective person. Yup.

But we didn't just have fun la, I took at least 1324 pictures, not counting the hundreds I deleted on the spot, and now there's the daunting task of going through each and every picture to decide what to keep. I slept only for like 1am to 6am for all three days, but it's still not as bad as an NPCC Camp la, so it was survivable. =)

Sadly, my sore throat is back again. I think I've laughed too much already. Blah.

The Musical itself was great, I think it went rather well. And I saw the CEO/Founder of 77th Street. I saw her before at the Habitudes Experience! Haha, okay shall stop name-dropping or whatever that is.

Went for supper at Macdonald's at Hougang Mall after everything. What a way to threat a sore throat. Haha. And Jing Hao's working there. o.0 Then took 62 home, reached home at about 12.30am.

And Chee Hock got into an accident after the Musical, he went to play pool at Hougang Green and got knocked down by a taxi on his bicycle on his way back. But at least he's okay la, I think he's extremely lucky to only have a minor bone fracture, he must have an angel la. ;)

Hotshoe+Mr Yeo! Also known as Team Kakashi, but I don't watch Naruto so I have no idea.

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