Wednesday, 1 November 2006

1st November 2006

It seems like my life has changed dramatically in a span of a month. o.0

Last Month I was worried about examinations? I rarely give a thought to whether I'll be streamed to the class I want now?

Went to play soccer and discuss about the chalet with a few others. Haha, weird, went to Food Court at hougang mall, then cage, then Food Court again.

Went to Ntuc after that to check the price of items for the bbq. Heehee, me and Jian hui went around speaking nonsense that coincidentally sounded like another language. Blehs. Then we went around giving weird accents to different items, the trick is to replace the vowel of a word with another vowel. Cicks!

Ran home in the rain today. Lightning and thunder in the sky, mp3 playing, flooded pavement, cars driving around. It wasn't really fun...just...fitting.

Was planning to go meet 409people in the afternoon. But the outing was cancelled. =( So much for catching up with pri4 classmates. =/

606 going to wild wild wet tomorrow? Blarhs, can't make it either cause of Npcc. =(

Gah, haven't discussed when to meet with clan yet. =\ Supposed to meet somewhere in November?

I want another cell group outing!! Maybe go to pasir ris again? I think west coast's nicer, but then, it's far away...

Finally, guitar practise this Saturday? Guitar practise was changed to saturday's but the auditorium was book the past few weeks. This time we're practising with a band? I can't seem to keep timing with the drums lar...

Hmm, wonder where I'll be 1 month from now?

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