Saturday, 4 November 2006

Breaking Point.

I guess not many could tell I was past breaking point the past few days? That's probably why everyone's talking to me about whether this can be change, that can change or not.

Driving the point home: I'm past breaking point. Please don't bother me with your insanely high expectations or requirements anymore. And don't bother to tell me depressing news too, I'll just explode and you'll suffer my horrendous wrath of undefined anger.

Like how I was almost to the point of exploding at Alvin. You were supposed to pass me the pictures when? And the first thing you tell me when I'm online is that you'll pass me the pictures this Monday when you already agreed to sending me the pictures today which I expected in my email inbox. Honestly speaking, it took all my self control to keep from exploding.

I'm tired of trying to live to someone else's expectations. And I definitely need a break.

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