Saturday, 4 November 2006


Being negative doesn't help when your working. Therefore I decided to try and retain a positive outlook on the circumstantial aspects of life instead of rambling and worrying over depressing issues and coming up with weird hypothetical chim statements just to explain life in it's entirety like this one.

I have no idea where I learned how to write like that. It's just rambling undecipherable nonsense formed by the intellect of a stressed out teenager trying desperately to explain his situation through the use of words.

Ok, I really should stop.

Went for C4d practice yesterday. Didn't really accomplish much, just rendered a few objects to use in the project. But then again, I don't think the rest accomplished much either...

Erh, went early for npcc today..turns out they were cleaning the pegs, kind of contridicting in a sense, we're gonna be using the pegs in a few hours and here we are removing rust from it when it'll be rusty again in a few hours.

Felt super super tired during training, didn't really focus on what to do, maybe I should have slept earlier the night before instead of working...sleeping at 1 the past few days?

Went for cell, sis didn't go cause she was working. Meh, wanted to work too, but because of npcc...
Cell was ok, most of the leaders having a lvls, cell outing when a's end. Weee.
Made up my mind to go sign up for the many activites in Church being organised. Like the drama camp and musical on the 19-22nd december. That was when I realised Npcc unit hike is on the 22nd. =/

Woke up at 8am today, didn't go npcc cause the concert's today and I have to go make last minute changes. Maybe I'll ask my parents to write a letter? Blarh, I can't be bothered anyways. I shall just fail everything and become a private with no badges.

Finished work at around 12, ate lunch, and crashed onto bed. Slept for around 6hours. And still I felt tired and had to drag myself from bed. Went for a swim with family. Took me 3minutes to swim a lap? Gah...haven't been swimming in a long time..

Paycheck due tomorrow? Eh, going to buy a new guitar.. Finally. Barcoding seems so easy now, even though I found it super hard to barcode a few months back, now it's just normal. Learning distortion and variation now though...

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